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New Top-Specification Ultrasound Machines

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The Clinical Imaging team at AECC University College recently took delivery of seven brand-new Samsung Ultrasound machines, including three top-specification RS85 Prestige models 

Clinical Imaging Lead at AECC University College, Matt Southam, explains the benefits that this new equipment brings to our Clinic and patients:  

“We’re pleased to extend our partnership with MIS Samsung for a further five years. These brand-new machines have some exciting features that can help us give the best diagnoses that we can. 

“These new systems offer higher resolution and image quality at depth, offering better accuracy and sensitivity. This gives us the potential to detect more pathology and to deliver confident diagnoses in more challenging cases.” 

New Features  

“The ShadowHDR™ feature promises to be particularly useful for us in gaining better coverage. This software reduces issues such as rib shadowing, which can be a challenge when scanning a patient’s liver through the ribs, for example.  

“High-frequency probes offer a high level of detail that is helpful when we are scanning superficial structures, such as the feet, hands, and injuries.  

“These machines are also easy to use, which means our Sonographers can focus on making a diagnosis rather than on how to operate them. It’s straightforward to alter settings to tailor the scan to the patient, helping us to get the most out of the examination.” 

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