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Anatomage Table: 3D Anatomy System

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The Anatomage Table is a 3D virtual visualisation and dissection tool, designed for teaching Anatomy and Physiology.  

The Anatomage Table is a fully-segmented anatomy system in 3D, offering an unprecedented level of real accurate anatomy that is dissectible in 3D. The Anatomage Table offers students at the University College the opportunity to explore and learn about human anatomy interactively at a highly detailed level.  

Head of the School of Chiropractic, Phillip Dewhurst, explains: “We were very pleased to have installed an Anatomage Table on campus at the beginning of this academic year. The technology is a brilliant teaching aid.  

“The Anatomage Table allows us to explore the human body in impressive detail, taking students through complicated and detailed structures. If a student doesn’t understand an aspect of the class, we can go through it until they do – and students are also welcome to use the Anatomage Table to study in their own time.  

“The level of interactivity that the Anatomage Table offers is a real advantage – we can hone in on highly specific areas of the body and examine them thoroughly, ensuring students gain a thorough understanding.  

“It’s a really exciting educational tool and we have had great feedback from our students. The Anatomage Table is relevant to students studying across our Health Sciences courses, as well as Chiropractic.”  

Student Perspective

Fourth Year student on our Master of Chiropractic course, Wilhelm Silseth, shares his thoughts on the Anatomage Table:  

Wilhelm explains: “The Anatomage Table shows the anatomy in great detail: the muscles, the bones, the ligaments, and soft tissue. You can see the entire cardiovascular system: everything. As Chiropractors, we need to know which muscles cross which joints so you know how they move and how the body moves.  

“If a patient points to a particular area and says they have pain, we need to know what is happening under the skin. We can use the Anatomage Table to view the different layers that make up the body – it brings what you are learning to life in a very interactive way.”  

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Above: Anatomage Table 

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