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AECC UC to Hold Expert Talk Series at University College of Osteopathy in London

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On Saturday 25th May, AECC University College will be hosting the first in a series of expert lectures at University College of Osteopathy in London.

This will mark the launch of several talks delivered by expert staff from AECC University College that will explore contemporary understanding and best practice in the fields of Psychology of Sport and Performance and Sports Rehabilitation.

Professor Stewart Cotterill explains: “We’re really looking forward to hosting these expert speaker sessions and feel they will be really valuable to anyone interested in these topics.

“The speakers will share their experiences working with professional, amateur, and elite sport, both in the UK and internationally. We’ve designed this exciting series to coincide with the launch of our MSc Sport Rehabilitation and Therapy (pre-registration) and MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology courses at our new London Borough High Street site.

“The talks are available to anyone with an interest in sport; from aspiring practitioners in these fields, to coaches, athletes, and students studying similar subjects at school, college or University, and members of the public.”

Expert Speaker Series

25th May 2024 | Psychology of expert human performance: Sport, military, music, business, and the performing arts

In this expert talk Professor Cotterill will explore the way the brain responds under pressure across a range of different performance settings (sport, military, music, performing arts, business, emergency services). Specifically exploring the psychological factors that underpin success and exploring techniques and strategies to help all performers to achieve and maintain higher levels of performance.

Stewart Cotterill is a Professor of the Psychology of Human Performance at AECC University College. He has been working for the last 20 years as a psychologist in a range of professions including professional sport, the UK Military, the emergency services, business, music, and the performing arts.

Stewart teaches on the new MSc Sport & Exercise Psychology program running both in Bournemouth and in London from September 2024, and also teaches on our online Masters courses in sport and exercise psychology, performance psychology and military psychology.

You can reserve your place on this talk here.

Saturday 15th June 2024 | Progressing rehabilitation after sports injury

In this specialised talk, Michelle Evans will explore the way we progress rehabilitation following a sports injury. She will delve into the rehabilitation model and methods of incorporating exercise prescription for an injured athlete.

Michelle serves as the course leader for both the MSc Sport Rehabilitation and Therapy program and the MSc Sport and Exercise Rehabilitation programmes. With eleven years of experience lecturing in Sport and Exercise Therapy, her primary focus lies in supporting Transplant Athletes at the British and World Transplant Games. Michelle collaborates within a multidisciplinary team to assist athletes and mentor students navigating the intricacies of these diverse sporting events.

You can reserve your place on this talk here.

Saturday 22nd June 2024 | The importance of vision for sport

Around 80% of the information that your body receives comes through your eyes. Athletes spend hours each week improving the speed, strength and endurance of their muscles but if they are inefficient at processing visual information, is this training a waste of time?

In this talk, Dr. Zöe Wimshurst will discuss the role of the visual system in elite performance, the differences between expert and novice performers, as well as how to train and improve your own vision for performance.

If you need your eyes open to perform then this talk is for you. It is directly aimed at those interested in sport (be that as an athlete, coach, official, or teacher) but would also be relevant to anyone who has to make quick decisions based on what they are seeing.

Zöe is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology, and vision training specialist. She has significant experience of delivering vision coaching to elite athletes, including Formula 1 drivers, Great Britain Hockey, Harlequins Rugby, British Shooting, Premier League football clubs and many more.

You can reserve your place on this talk here.

Saturday 6th July 2024 | Psychology of injury, pain and recovery

In this expert talk, Professor Stewart Cotterill will seek to explore the psychological challenges that sports performers experience following injury. Exploring the challenges that might also be present through the rehabilitation process, and in seeking to return to play/performance.

In addition, Stewart will present a range of strategies that can be utilised by athletes, coaches, and support staff to enable the athlete to better cope with the challenges experienced.

You can reserve your place on this talk here.

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