Brodie Marriott, Graduating Class of 2017, Master of Chiropractic

"Observe as many chiropractors as possible you will soon find out how diverse chiropractic can be"

I really enjoyed my time at the AECC University College on the Masters of Chiropractic course. I write this at the end of my 4 years and time has flown by! I feel like have really had a great education here and made some friends for life. It’s going to be really sad to leave as it feels a lot like home now but at the same time I have learnt so much I feel prepared to go into the real world and become an actual chiropractor!

Brodie’s Top 3 Achievements from studying the AECC University College 

  1. Passing the exams - So proud to have got through to where I am so far without a single resit. It just shows that if you put enough work in your can achieve anything. 
  2. Treating patients in clinic – I was so nervous when it came to treating my first few patients in clinic it’s so different to practicing with your friends in class! However it has been so rewarding to see patients get better under your care and to know all the hard work has paid off.
  3. Becoming a student ambassador for the Marketing team, this has been a very good experience and taught me how to spread the word of chiropractic.

Brodie’s Top 3 Highlights from the Master of Chiropractic

  1. Getting involved in the breast feeding clinic – It has been a great opportunity to work with the student midwives from Bournemouth University and have learnt a lot from them. I would recommend getting involved in this in clinic for anyone who is interested in paediatrics.
  2. Living in Bournemouth – I have loved every moment of being by the coast (also the sunniest place in the UK). I will really miss spending sunny evenings having BBQ’s on the beach.
  3. Being transformed from a student into a working professional – I really feel like the University College has made the bridge from being a student to a health professional a smooth transition. The tutors are there to support you as students but treat you as their colleagues which is nice.

Brodie’s Top 3 tips for students thinking about studying Chiropractic 

  1. You have to be passionate about being a chiropractor. It is a tough course and the only way you’ll be successful is if you really enjoy what you’re studying.
  2. Observe as many chiropractors as possible you will soon find out how diverse chiropractic can be and all the routes that you can go down.
  3. Come to one of the open days to get a feel of the college and talk to some of the students. Studying at the AECC University College is a unique experience and is different from most other University’s as your living and studying with people who only do chiropractic. This is great as you get help and support from other students and you all go through the same experience together.

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