Academic Advice and Student Representation

Find out more about the academic support provided by our Students' Union and how they represent you on various committees and meeting.

Academic Support

If you think you are eligible to be granted an extension or you have a circumstance mitigating you from submitting a work within a deadline or from being present during an examination, please refer to the appropriate forms. 

You can also contact our Student Services team who will be able to provide you with various means of academic support. They can direct you to our Study Skills tutor who can help you develop your academic skills for both written work and presentations. We also have an English for Academic Purposes (EAP) lecturer on campus to help those of you whose first language isn't English and may need help to improve it to a higher level.


Student Representation & Voice

At AECC University College we welcome student input on all levels. You can have your voice heard through your course rep, the Students' Union or through the regular student voice workshops. Our newly-elected course reps are:

Year Reps 2022/23

School of Chiropractic


Gateway Year - Beth Dowbiggin & Devan Gibson

Year 1 - Matt Olsen & Louie Jenkinson

Year 2 - Tom Hengstman & Hronn Eyjolfsdottir

 Year 3 - Lea Illing & Bruce MacDonad

MSc Chiropractic Graduate Entry 

Year 1 - Abderahman El Tourky & Kathryn Snook

Year 2 - Rosie Hitchcox

MSc Chiropractic 

Year 2 - Vilde Loken & Mikaela Helenius 


School of Radiology

Diagnostic Imaging

Year 1 - Lolly Foulds & Jerry Owusu-Ansah

Year 2 - None, applications still open

Year 3 - Gary Hicks

Radiotherapy & Oncology

Year 1 - Anais Pepperell & Ellie Sharp

Year 2 - Edward Cox

Year 3 - Chloe West-Lake Allen & Jyoti Vara


School of Rehabilitation, Sport and Psychology

Sport, Exercise & Health Sciences

Year 1 - Marcus Rouk

Year 2 - Gabrielle Collins

Year 3 - Holly Jaszek

Clinical Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences

Year 1 - None, applications still open 

Year 2 - None, applications still open 

Year 3 - None, applications still open 

MSc Physiotherapy

Year 1 - Laurence Jardine & Scott Bachelor

Year 2 - Ruby Harold


Champions Scheme

Ethnic Diversity & Inclusivity


Mental Health & Wellbeing





If you wish to represent the student body at AECC University College then running for a position on the Students' Union is a great opportunity to do this. Alternatively you can become a course rep which involves going to committee meetings and feeding back the voice of the students on your course.