Fees and Payment Information

AECC University College relies on student fees to meet its financial commitments. It is essential that you pay your fees promptly and in accordance with published details. The University College reviews its fees and fees policy annually. If your fees are funded by Student Loan Company (Student Finance) please see the relevant paragraph below. For undergraduate students, the fees will be paid directly to AECC by SLC. All postgraduate, international, and non-SLC students need to pay their fees directly to us. The amount due are shown in the table below.

Tuition Fees for 2023/24

Course Level FT / PT UK Students International Students
Master of Chiropractic - MChiro (Hons) UG FT £9,250 £15,773
BSc (Hons) Sport, Exercise and Health Science UG FT £9,250 £15,773
BSc (Hons) Radiography (Diagnostic Imaging) UG FT £9,250 £15,773
BSc (Hons) Radiography (Radiotherapy and Oncology) UG FT £9,250 £15,773
BSc (Hons) Clinical Exercise and Rehabilitation Science UG FT £9,250 £15,773
BSc (Hons) Psychology UG FT £9,250 £15,773
BSc (Hons) Sport Rehabilitation UG FT £9,250 £15,773
BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Psychology UG FT £9,250 £15,773
MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology (Online) PG FT £8,209 £8,209
MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology PG FT £8,209 £15,638
MSc Psychological Therapy PG FT £8,209 £15,638
MSc Sport Rehabilitation and Therapy PG FT £8,209 £15,638
MSc Sport and Exercise Rehabilitation PG FT £8,209 £15,638
MSc Medical Ultrasound (per 20 unit credit) PG PT £1,303 £2,172
MSc Breast Imaging (per 20 unit credit) PG PT £1,303 £2,172
MSc Clinical Reporting (per 20 unit credit) PG PT £1,303 £2,172
MSc Chiropractic PG FT £9,250 £15,773
MSc Chiropractic (Graduate Entry) PG FT £10,045 £17,919
MSc Musculoskeletal Paediatric Health  PG PT £830 £830
(per 20 unit credit) (Online)
MSc Advanced Clinical Practice - Year 1 (60 credits) PG PT £2,889 £2,889
PG Cert Health Sciences Education (60 credits) PG PT £2,490 £2,490
PG Cert First Contact Practice  PG PT £2,490 £2,490
Postgraduate Research PG FT £4,670 £15,204
Postgraduate Research PG PT £2,335 £8,154
Pre-registration Course (January 2024 Start) Level FT / PT UK Students International Students
MSc Physiotherapy  PG FT £9,250 £17,499
MSc Occupational Therapy  PG FT £9,250 £17,499
MSc Speech & Language Therapy     PG FT £9,250 £17,499
MSc Dietetics  PG FT £9,250 £17,499
MSc Podiatry  PG FT £9,250 £17,499

Details of the tuition fees for each course can also be found on the 'Course Fees' sub-section of each course.

If you are unsure whether you qualify to pay the UK fee rate please contact the Admissions team on Admissions@aecc.ac.uk.

Payment Terms

Payment can be made in one lumpsum at the start of the course, or in three instalments by the deadlines in the table below: 

Total Tuition (Sept/Oct Start) 1st Instalment by 02/10/2023 2nd Instalment by 15/01/2024 3rd Instalment by 08/04/2024
£2,172.00 £724.00 £724.00 £724.00
£2,335.00 £779.00 £778.00 £778.00
£4,490.00 £830.00 £830.00 £830.00
£2,889.00 £963.00 £963.00 £963.00
£3,909.00 £1,303.00 £1,303.00 £1,303.00
£4,670.00 £1,556.00 £1,556.00 £1,556.00
£8,154.00 £2,718.00 £2,718.00 £2,718.00
£8,209.00 £2,737.00 £2,736.00 £2,736.00
£9,250.00 £3,084.00 £3,083.00 £3,083.00
£10,045.00 £3,349.00 £3,348.00 £3,348.00
£15,204.00 £5,068.00 £5,068.00 £5,068.00
£15,368.00 £5,212.00 £5,213.00 £5,213.00
£15,773.00 £5,257.00 £5,258.00 £5,258.00
£15,773.00 £5,257.00 £5,258.00 £5,258.00
£17,919.00 £5,973.00 £5,973.00 £5,973.00
Total Tuition (Jan 2024 Start) 1st Instalment by 16/01/2024 2nd Instalment by 06/05/2024 3rd Instalment by 07/10/2024
£9,250.00 £3,084.00 £3,083.00 £3,083.00
£17,499.00 £5,833.00 £5,833.00 £5,833.00


For international students:
  • New Students - If you have paid a deposit in advance, this should be deducted from your 1st instalment. 
  • Students are responsible for paying any bank charges (normally £11/12) incurred in making payments from a non-UK bank. 
  • The current exchange rate should NOT affect the payment deadline. 

Funded by Student Loan Company

  • Please make sure you record your SSN (provided by SLC) and choose ‘SLC’ as your ‘Major source of tuition fee’ at your registration/enrolment with us.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure your application is completed (no signature or extra documents outstanding).
  • Please remember you will need to apply for student finance each year of your course.
  • The deadline above will not apply when you are being funded by SLC.
  • For Postgraduate students, please transfer the payment once you have received the funding from the SLC. Failing to do so, the sanctions mentioned above (in Late Payment) may be imposed.

Please note: For SLC funding purpose, the following pre-registration courses are considered as undergraduate courses for English students, therefore, please make sure that you apply for the right course.

Ways to Pay

  • By phone - Call our Finance Office on 01202 436289. Please have your student ID number and debit/credit card details ready.
  • In person - By credit/debit card at the Finance Office
  • Please note that our office opening hours are 9am – 1pm on Mon – Fri. We cannot accept payment by cheque, cash or American Express cards.
  • By Bank transfer - Please quote your student ID number as payment reference 


Late Payment

For self-funded students, if we do not hear from you by the deadline above, sanctions may be imposed which include: 

  • suspension of your library borrowing rights
  • suspension of your student IT rights
  • suspension of your door access
  • disablement of your student ID card and any controlled access privileges

Sponsorship Authorisation Form

If your fees are being paid by your employer or other third party apart from parents/ carers or other close relatives, both you and your sponsor need to complete a Sponsorship Authorisation Form for each year of study.

Please send the completed and signed form to studentfinance@aecc.ac.uk by 02/10/2023 for September/October start or 15/01/2024 for January start. If you fail to do so, you will be considered as a self-funded student and therefore the sanctions mentioned above may apply if you are late in paying. 


Financial Difficulties

If you are experiencing any financial difficulties which would cause you to be late in payments, please e-mail studentfinance@aecc.ac.uk prior to the deadlines to avoid sanctions to be imposed. We can then look into ways that we may be able to help you. 


  • We do NOT normally send out invoices unless your fees are being paid by your sponsor.
  • We will e-mail to acknowledge the receipt of payment within 3-5 working days.
  • Should you require an invoice or any other Financial documents, please e-mail studentfinance@aecc.ac.uk

Further Information

If you are unable to find the answer to your fees and payment questions please read our tuition fees policy and/or send your enquiry to the Student Finance Office studentfinance@aecc.ac.uk

Tuition fees policy