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Fine-Tuning Visual Performance in Formula One Drivers

Dr. Zöe Wimshurst is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at AECC University College. She specialises in screening and optimising visual performance in elite athletes.

In January 2020, she was visited on campus by Red Bull F1 racing driver, Alex Albon, and his coach for vision screening. Zöe tells us more about working with professional racing drivers and elite athletes to optimise their visual performance:

“The Human Performance Laboratory at AECC University College is really well placed and equipped to screen elite athletes in this way. As well as Alex, I have previously screened Red Bull driver, Max Verstappen and I’ve also had a few Formula Two racing drivers and drivers in the lower levels of competitive racing come in to see me.

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The Psychology of Esports – Professor Stewart Cotterill

Stewart is Head of School for Psychology, Sport and Physical Activity at AECC University College, and a Professor of Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology.

He has over 15 years’ experience as a consultant psychologist across a wide range of professional/amateur sports, as well as across a broad range of performance domains.

This year, Stewart has been working as a performance coach for professional esports players based across Europe. He tells us more about the psychological challenges that these players face and how he has been supporting these individuals to enhance their performance:

“Esports is a computer game-based competition, where players either compete as individuals, or as both individuals and as part of a multiplayer team depending upon the game. Some of the most well-known games include Fortnite, Call of Duty, FIFA and Rocket League. Esports offers significant earning potential for those players who become professionals.

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Chronic Pain and Exercise – Opinion Piece by Stephanie Tibbert

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recently announced a change in its pain treatment policy, encouraging doctors to prescribe chronic pain sufferers physical and psychological therapies rather than painkillers to manage their pain.

Stephanie Tibbert is a Lecturer on the MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology course at AECC University College. She reflects on the potential of these therapies, when specifically tailored to individuals living with chronic pain, to help manage their condition:

Defining chronic primary pain

“It’s important to be really clear that these new guidelines are for the management of chronic primary pain. This means pain where no underlying condition adequately accounts for the pain or its impact. This is not to discount the pain experienced in any way, but to distinguish it from secondary pain caused by conditions that have clear pathways.

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Professor Stewart Cotterill

Professor Stewart Cotterill discusses his exciting career working with the England Cricket team, Bournemouth Rugby Club and the GBR sailing team to improve team performance.

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Sport Psychology Staff case study profile

Dr Zoe Wimshurst

Fine-tuning Visual Performance In Elite Athletes

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