Parents and Carers

Applying to university is an exciting time for your son or daughter life. As a parent or carer you’re likely to have a big impact on your child as a trusted information source and adviser.

Advice for Parents and Carers

Planning and Preparing 

As a parent or career you’re likely to have a big impact on your child as a trusted information source and adviser. We summarise some of the key information which is useful for you to know to support your child with planning and preparing to go to university.

Your son or daughter will start to plan their university application and there are various considerations that need to be made. Listed below we have included some answers on key information, and the things they will probably need to bear in mind.

Common questions and answers

Making an application through UCAS

Once your child has chosen the courses that interest them most, it’s time to start their application. First, they’ll need to register to UCAS – it only takes about five minutes to enter their basic details and setup security information. If your child is applying through a school, they will be given a ‘buzzword’ so their application can be linked to their school.

If they’re applying independently, there will be a few additional questions they’ll need to answer. Once they’ve registered, there are seven sections to complete including

  • Personal details
  • Additional information
  • Student Finance
  • Choices
  • Education
  • Personal statement
  • Employment

We've included below a short UCAS video, which is helpful for you to watch to discover more, before they get started on their application.


What to expect from student Life

The transition from school to university and can be a mix of anticipation, excitement and anxiety. Find out more, first hand what it's like to be a student at AECC University College via our interviews with current students.

Open Days and Campus Tours

Join us at one of our open days, either virtual online or face-to-face on campus and talk with current students. Find out more about what it is like to live and study in Bournemouth, find out more about the courses we offer, the mixed methods of learning, and the rewards of academic life at AECC University College

You can register below for our Open Days and Campus tours. 

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Why choose us?

As a small, specialist institution we're very fortunate that we can get to know our students, and they can get to know us too. Compared to many other higher education institutions, your child won't just be a face in the crowd.

At AECC University College we take pride in giving your child the best experiences, and equipping them to achieve success and reach their potential both in their academic and personal development. 

additional reasons to choose AECC University College.

The application process

Your child will need to make a formal application through UCAS website. Make sure you apply by the date provided by UCAS, this year (2023) you will need to apply by the 25th of January, to ensure you meet the UCAS deadline. Your child’s school or college will often help with this task.

For more information about the application process, please visit the links below.

Application FAQs

Interview Days

Your child may be invited to attend an interview here at the University College for some of our courses. These usually take place between November through to March.

Group interviews are led by a senior member of our academic staff and last around 35-40 minutes. Your child will get the chance to ask questions and to meet other potential students. We aim to tell you the outcome of the interview within five working days.

Applicant Offer Holder Day

Your child may be invited a campus day here at the University College, which takes place in April.

Campus days allow your child to understand more about the course or courses they have applied for or are interested in. These specially designed days will give your child a taste of what the teaching on the course will be like, and a chance to get to know the academic tutors who teach on the programmes. 

Results Day

Once your child has sent their application and has received an unconditional or conditional place on one of our courses.

Unconditional: We look forward to welcoming your child in September.

Conditional: Receiving their results will be an important time. We hope they secure the grades that we have asked for.

If your child’s grades are not what we required, please don’t worry. Encourage them to get in contact with our Admissions team to discuss their options, we will review interview feedback and personal statement to see if there were any circumstances that hindered your child from achieving the grades detailed on their offer letter. 


If your child is successful and we have confirmed their place, then congratulations! Their efforts have been well-deserved and, from 11 September, they will join AECC University College to start their university journey. 

School Visits and UCAS Days

Our Student Ambassadors and academic tutors regularly attend schools, colleges and UCAS exhibitions, talking about the different courses we offer, a students' experience, the facilities and clinics available to them on campus, and the mixed methods of learning, and multidisciplinary environment we offer here, at AECC University College.

Student Support

We can provide your child with help and advice on any aspect of student life with Student Services, NUS qualified representatives and our own staff members. Details on our academic assistance, pastoral care, counselling, welfare and support are available on our student services page.