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Open for applications for 2022

MSc Chiropractic Graduate-Entry Clinical Preparatory Short Course

The aim of this short course is to provide support to all potential students of the MSc Chiropractic (Graduate Entry) programme.

Course overview

Support for clinical academics looking to move into chiropractic

As a leader in Chiropractic training and education, and with our expertise, facilities and depth of offer at AECC University College, we want to be leading the way in providing different routes to the Chiropractic profession.

This short preparatory bridging course aims to provide support and education to MSc Chiropractic (Graduate Entry) applicants prior to entry on the 2-year intensive MSc Chiropractic (Graduate Entry) course. The preparatory course may be a requirement for some applicants, all other applicants are advised to attend so as to orientate themselves to the teaching methods and expectations of the degree and to help create personal development plans for the start of their training.

The practice of chiropractic involves a package of care employing a range of manual treatment methods combined with an in-depth understanding of neuromuscular structure and function. Furthermore, practitioners are required to apply this knowledge together with well-established clinical reasoning skills.

This preparatory course is designed to ensure students are familiar with the foundation knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, pathology, musculoskeletal kinematics and clinical reasoning with an introduction to clinical skills.

The course will commence by identifying potential gaps in knowledge, from both the clinical and informing sciences, using case-based methods. As attendees begin to recognise their strengths and weaknesses, the course team can then target and advise on how to effectively address any deficiencies, allowing individuals to develop an applied approach to the fundamentals of biomedical science. At the same time, many of the clinical skills necessary for chiropractors will be introduced and, in a similar fashion, attendees will be encouraged to reflect on potential areas for skills development, which the team and individuals can focus on over subsequent days.

The second week continues the case-based approach, developing reasoning skills and applying knowledge and understanding of the informing sciences to clinical problem-solving, utilising ever more complex case scenarios. 

We anticipate after the second week that the course team will provide attendees with a detailed and bespoke appraisal of preliminary learning needs that can be addressed before admission on the MSc programme.

For general questions on this MSc Chiropractic (Graduate Entry) clinical preparatory course or to register your interest in the course for 2022, please use the contact form below. 

Key Information

Course title:
MSc Chiropractic Graduate-Entry Clinical Preparatory Short Course
Start Date:
08 August 2022
2 weeks
AECC University College

Course details

Course location

School of Chiropractic, Parkwood Campus.

The course runs for two weeks in a live online interactive format.

Why study at AECC University College

For over 55 years, AECC University College has often led the way in the education and training of Chiropractors in Europe. The 2 years intensive Master of Chiropractic (Graduate-Entry) course will provide you with the essential practical and theoretical skills to become a registered chiropractor.


This will be formative and continuous, culminating in a personalised appraisal of future learning needs.

Structure of study and course highlights

This short-course will be primarily, case-based, small-group work. However, we will utilise a diverse range of delivery approaches in this 2-week course to maximise learning in individual areas.

Need more info about, learning aims and outcomes, curriculum content, teaching methods and assessment, credits per unit? Take a look at our Course Specification to find out more.

Download course specification

On successful completion of the course, the expectation is that students will be equipped with the following subject knowledge and understanding:

- Demonstrable knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles of clinical reasoning, human anatomy and physiology with emphasis on the neuromusculoskeletal system, human pathology, and it’s clinical manifestations.

- Demonstrable intellectual skills to critically acquire and evaluate relevant data from simple clinical scenarios and generate a range of hypotheses to investigate appropriately. Assess gaps or weaknesses in their knowledge relating to the biomedical sciences or clinical skills and identify specific learning needs. Formulate and develop a strategy to address individual learning needs in the future.-

- Demonstrable practical skills to undertake and record a basic medical interview using appropriate methods to identify relevant information and organise data to generate clinical hypotheses. To perform and interpret a selection of basic diagnostic procedures, appropriate to the conditions that commonly present to chiropractors, including some that may masquerade as musculoskeletal complaints.

- Demonstrable transferable skills to communicate appropriately with both patients and colleagues using suitable terminology and language. Make effective use of the learning resources available and demonstrate basic competency in clinical data collection, analysis and presentation.

Entry Requirements

This short-course may be a requirement for entry to the MSc Chiropractic (Graduate Entry) but all applicants are advised to participate.

Please view the entry requirements for our MSc Chiropractic Graduate Entry course and should you have any queries contact:

Register your interest in our MSc Chiropractic (Graduate Entry) Clinical Preparatory Short Course and/or send an enquiry on the form below. Please note, an asterisk(*) denotes a required field.

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