Careers in psychology

Interested in psychology applied within the healthcare and sports profession, but not sure what career opportunities there are in this field? This page will give you the information you might need to set the first steps into your future career in psychology.

Careers in psychology

The first step to your desired career in the area of Psychology is a good education that gives the knowledge and practice needed to become a specialist in your chosen field. Our psychology courses offer modern, student-centred study with practical, real-world experiences tailored to your area of interest. You can choose from the likes of:

BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Psychology
BSc (Hons) Psychology

With a degree in psychology there are a broad range of career paths you could choose. First, you might decide to pursue a career as a registered psychologist. Within this field there are seven specific areas within which you might look to specialise in:

• Clinical Psychologist
• Counselling Psychologist
• Educational Psychologist
• Forensic Psychologist
• Health Psychologist
• Occupational Psychologist
• Sport and Exercise Psychologist.

To follow this career route you will also need to do a postgraduate degree course that specialises in the specific area of psychology you choose to focus on. Further detail regarding this career path can be found on the British Psychological Society (BPS) website.

Careers for psychology graduates

There are also a broad range of careers that are open to psychology graduates that build upon the knowledge, skills and expertise developed while studying. Opportunities include:

• Psychological wellbeing practitioner (working in the NHS)
• Counsellor
• Detective
• Human resources (HR) officer
• Market researcher
• Social worker
• Teacher
• Leadership and management positions
• Public relations (PR)
• Research and development
• Life coach
• Careers adviser
• Recruitment consultant
• Mental health social worker
• Probation/parole officer
• Play therapist
• Support worker
• Healthy lifestyle adviser
• Behavior change specialist
• Police Officer
• Sales manager
• Intelligence specialist
• Youth Development worker

For further details of the sorts of jobs available to psychology graduates.