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In today's evolving health science sector, there are many career paths you can choose to pursue. The pages below will give you a better understanding of the careers available to you after completing study in our subject areas of chiropractic; sport, exercise and health science; and psychology
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19/07/2019 09:11:00
Our neighbouring town #Southbourne (2 minutes away from campus) is such a lovely friendly community. The local traders and businesses supported by the Southbourne public are putting on a lovely community weekend event 27th and 28th July: introducing: "Southbourne Revival" and invite you all to attend. It will be a fantastic free event, offering something for all the family including live music on the bandstand, fun, tasty food, local drink and vintage vibes. For more details on what to expect or if you can help out during the day follow their page for updates: https://www.facebook.com/SouthbourneRevival/
19/07/2019 08:19:06
@Wonkhe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ good fun
19/07/2019 08:02:46
@JFieldPhD @Change4Life @Disney Schools are out for summer today ... What a great idea πŸ‘πŸ»
19/07/2019 07:58:44
18/07/2019 15:48:24
We invite your budding young scientist to join our summer science club at our University campus on Parkwood Road. Aimed at 7 - 11 year olds, the summer science club sessions aim to bring Science to life. Run in collaboration with teachers from the Connie Rothman Learning Trust Bournemouth, we will explore exciting topics in science through hands on experiments and activities. Summer Science Clubs are being held at University Campus on Parkwood Road on the: 7th, 14th, 21st of August. Head over to our events tab here on Facebook for more details and click the link 'Tickets available' to reserve your young scientist a place.
18/07/2019 15:38:14
We invite your budding young scientist to join our summer science clubs this August. Aimed at 7-11 yr olds. Events to bring science to life in collaboration with Connie Rothman Learning Trust. #Bournemouth #Southbourne #Chirstchurch #Poole https://t.co/VS5JLImIgC @BCPLibraries
18/07/2019 12:27:01
Setting your sights on postgraduate study? Now’s the chance to take your learning to the next level. Apply now: https://t.co/E95nD7IdRb πŸ“§ #aeccuniversitycollege #healthsciences #postgraduate #paediatrics #chiropractic #chiropractor #medicalultrasound #ultrasound #sonography https://t.co/X9cv7vhZYZ
18/07/2019 10:20:50
@alexbreen83 @BerylBikes @bournemouthuni It's great to have them just outside campus isn't it @alexbreen83 getting their in 21 minutes is impressive stuff :) We should create more use of those maps to key locations for our students arriving this September.
18/07/2019 09:30:00
Make Your Mark Through Clearing πŸ’œπŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‹πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ Our expert team of staff, assisted by our exercise and rehabilitation students, supportedathlete Patrick Sylla in our on-site Sport Performance Centre with the primary aim ofreducing his injury risk. Patrick had a long track record of hamstring injuries and so we used a combination of movement analysis techniques and isokinetic strength and power testing to identify potential areas of weakness and asymmetry that might be causing unequal loading of structures. After assessment we then implemented a bespoke conditioning programme along with a β€œpre-habilitation” programme to best prepare him for training and competition and reduce the likelihood of him suffering future injuries. Discover how you can make a difference to the lives of athletes, teams and weekend warriors. 🌐 www.aecc.ac.uk/clearing πŸ“± (+44) 01202 436375 #Clearing #Clearing2019 #Bournemouth #Sport #Sports #Exercise #Chiropractic #Health #Healthcare #HealthScience #TransformingLives #HeyAECC #University #Dorset
17/07/2019 10:53:35
It’s our pleasure to have you here on campus @UK_GCC https://t.co/aDe7wnyQ8m