Joanna Foy

Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Audiology Location: Teesside University



The aim of my research study is to nationally explore registered and undergraduate chiropractor’s attitudes, knowledge and understanding of clinical governance and patient safety.

My research will adopt a mixed methods approach and has been divided into several phases:

Phase one will be a systematic review of the existing literature and primary studies regarding the use of clinical governance tools and instruments among healthcare professionals/manual therapists.

Phase two will involve the analysis of patient safety incidents reported by Chiropractors held within the CPIRLS database.


Phase three will be a national survey of registered members of the RCC and final year chiropractic students. It has been designed as a longitudinal study with two main stages:

  1.  online questionnaire
  2.  semi structured interviews

The quantitative data generated from the responses to the on-line survey and the qualitative data from the interview transcripts will be analysed and results triangulated to identify if there are any gaps in knowledge relating to clinical governance. This process will also identify any misunderstandings concerning clinical governance and evaluate attitudes of chiropractors towards clinical governance.