AECC University College Integrated Rehabilitation Centre Gains Planning Approval

AECC University College is delighted to announce that we have received planning approval to undertake exciting development work on our Garnet Campus. This announcement is possible due to the significant funding of £2.7m from the Government’s Getting Building Fund through the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership (Dorset LEP).

About the planned Integrated Rehabilitation Centre

We are planning to create a state-of-the-art Integrated Rehabilitation Centre and consulting rooms on our new Garnet Campus in Boscombe. This site is located across the road from our main Parkwood Campus, which also hosts our popular Chiropractic Clinic.

Our Integrated Rehabilitation Centre will be run by the University College’s own staff and NHS partners and will bring much-needed capacity for physical rehabilitation services in Boscombe and Bournemouth East. It will be aimed towards serving local patients who would usually seek help from their GPs and other local providers for treatments such as physiotherapy, cancer and stroke rehabilitation, falls and frailty and other common rehabilitation services. Our offer will complement those provided by the NHS and local private clinics and has the potential to significantly enhance the health and welfare of the local population in Boscombe, Pokesdown and Bournemouth East, complementing wider initiatives to regenerate Boscombe.

Professor Lesley Haig, Vice-Chancellor of AECC University College said:

“We are uniquely well-placed to establish and manage a Centre like this, dedicated to improving the quality of life of local people.

“Our aim is to treat patients in a more integrated way. Many patients have multiple conditions, for example musculoskeletal problems together with mental health issues. Whilst treating one may make a difference to their quality of life, more positive outcomes are likely if patients are supported holistically to manage their co-existing problems and lives and provided with guidance for maintenance through self-care.

“The aim of the Centre is to be able to offer patients coordinated access to different clinical services and diagnostic tests within one facility so that they can be supported to overcome their co-existing problems with the right care, in the right place, at the right time.”

To see the supporting reports for this proposed development:

You can take a look at the drawings via the PDF links below.

Planning images:

The Local Planning Authority Decision Notice in respect of our application ref 7-2021-3244-P can be read here.

If you have any questions regarding our Integrated Rehabilitation Centre, please contact us at

Local Residents

Mildren Construction Limited have now set up on site to begin work, they recently issued a letter to local residents which you can read here.

Did You Know?

AECC University College has the following facilities right here on campus, which are open to patients from the local community:

- Chiropractic Clinic
- Ultrasound Clinic
- MRI facilities


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