World Mental Health Day 2017 - Positive Mental Health Tips

Our Student Services team have come up with some fantastic ways you can make a positive impact on your mental health this World Mental Health Day, with a few tips and tricks that include areas such as sleep, nutrition, environment and making sure you have some quality time to yourself.

Getting into a good sleep routine

  • Regular sleep and wake times
  • Reduce screen time before bed
  • Do something relaxing before bed like yoga or reading
  • Use an alarm clock rather than your phone, to reduce temptation to sit and scroll in the morning
  • Keep your room tidy and change your bedsheets regularly
  • Write down to-dos and worries before bed so you can switch off

​Thinking about food

  • Try to regularly eat a balanced nutritional diet
  • Treat yourself!
  • Cook for yourself and try simple new dishes
  • Drink lots of water

Being mindful of your environment

  • ​Clean and declutter 
  • Spend time outdoors in the fresh air and nature 
  • Take in the beauty of your surroundings

​Making time for physical activity

  • Go for a walk or a bike ride
  • Try something gentle like yoga or Pilates
  • Take up a team sport and get to know other people

Do something that you enjoy

  • Be creative: draw, scrapbook, write, knit, dance, play an instrument
  • Play a board game or a computer game
  • Read a book or create a blog or vlog.
  • Watch your favourite TV show or film 
  • Listen to music that makes you happy
  • Meditate or try mindfulness
  • Discover a world of inspirational talks about mental health and wellbeing from
  • Decide who you want to spend time with, especially making time for positive people in your life.

For more information about Student Services, or if you require any more information about wellbeing and support, please visit our Student Services page where you can find contact details.