What’s coming up in CPD Seminars? April – June 2018

We caught up with our CPD Administrator, Carleen, to get the low-down on what’s coming up in the next few months. We’re pleased to announce that a new date has been scheduled for the cancelled Motion Palpation Institute; The Disc seminar, now taking place on the 28-29 July 2018, hopefully without any freak snow-storms to get in the way!

21 – 22 April 2018
Kinnective Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation
Kay Pearce & Donna Strachan

In April we kick off with a fantastic CPD seminar getting to grips with the custom-made, meticulously designed Kinnective tool. Kinnective is instrument-assisted soft tissue manipulation that chiropractic clinicians have reported to may be useful in breaking down scar tissue, fascial restrictions and adhesions and may change muscle tone.

Presented by Kay Pearce, who has worked trackside at the European Veterans Athletics Championship and treated athletes at the British Masters Track and Field Championships, alongside Donna Strachan, co-designer and developer of Kinnective, who spends the majority of her time in private practice and on a consultancy basis for sports.

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12 CPD Hours

28 – 29 April 2018
Building the Ultimate Back; from Rehabilitation to Performance
Dr Ed Cambridge

Bringing April to a special close, Dr Ed Cambridge, who studied with Professor McGill for the past 6 years while completing his PhD, delivers a two day course combing lecture and hands-on skills development to introduce the McGill Method of enhancing patient outcomes. By the end of the workshops you will hopefully be up to date with the most recent developments in function of the lumbar spine, and develop an evidence based foundation for clinical decision making. You will also receive guidance in the application of this knowledge to the clinic, workplace, rehabilitation centre and sports field to reduce the risk of injury in a range of patients, including how to build the ultimate back performance in athletes. Make the most of these sessions and gain practice and technique development with workshops throughout both days.

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16 CPD Hours

19-20 May
Introduction to Functional Medicine
Dr Rebecca Furlano

Spring into action this May time with our CPD seminar Introduction to Functional Medicine. This two day course will offer you both lecture and hands-on learning, including a brief physiological review of, and functional medicine perspective on, the integumentary, digestive, immune and endocrine systems, and their role in chronic disease. You will get to learn how to recognise and assess dysfunction within these systems via advanced physical exam techniques, psychosomatic assessment and affective cues from your patients.

An early adopted of the Functional Medicine movement, Dr Furlano is rooted in the belief that patients must be viewed as whole systems, not just a diagnosis, in order to achieve total restoration of health. With a background of training and clinical experience in multiple areas of complementary medicine including nutritional science and chiropractic therapies, Dr Furlano takes her work globally as a commitment to spreading the importance of Functional Medicine movement.

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11 CPD Hours

2 – 3 June 2018
Neuro Orthopaedic Institute; Explain Pain
Tim Beames

Based on David Butler and Lorimer Moseley’s book ‘Explain Pain’, this two day course will help you understand how the pain system works when there are injured tissues and nerves, and what happens in the brain in relation to pain experiences. You will be taken through the latest knowledge of tissue, nerve, brain and stress effects on pain and movement, understanding how to explain modern neuroscience to patients. Using an evidence-based strategy can change your patients’ pain and their stress behaviours, so get ready to cover some serious material whilst having fun learning.

Tim Beames works in private practice in London, and is co-founder of Pain and Performance, an organisation which focuses on the treatment of complex and persistent pain states and the provision of pain education for both patient and health professional.

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14 CPD Hours

9 June 2018
Taping for Neuro with Rocktape
Melissa Benyon

Save the date in June for an opportunity to get behind the theory and concepts of Kinesiology taping, including a practical introduction and clinical case studies.

Cast from the same mould as Rocktape UKs much acclaimed FMT1 course. KTFN introduces the theory, concepts and practical application of kinesiology tape specifically focusing on the benefits to patients who present with a neurological deficit. KTFN is specifically designed to suit the clinical needs of Healthcare Professionals treating patients with neurological conditions

Presented by Melissa Benyon, a qualified physiotherapist, you will get to understand the proposed mechanisms behind the effects of Kinesiology Tape and gain a basic knowledge of the research in Kinesiology taping. You will get the chance to learn and practice correct tape cutting and handling abilities, and the concepts and application skills of the 4 main types of tape application.

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6.5 CPD Hours

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