What makes a good Therapeutic Radiographer? - Andy Williams

Dr. Andrew Williams is a Senior Lecturer on the BSc (Hons) Radiography (Radiotherapy and Oncology) course in the School of Radiology.

Andrew joined AECC University College in 2020, after almost 15 years as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth, and a long and varied clinical career in Radiotherapy departments in the UK and internationally.

We asked him what makes a good Therapeutic Radiographer:

“I believe you need to be interested in technology to enjoy working as a Radiographer and you definitely need to have strong caring values. Ideally, you’ll enjoy both.

“When we ask why applicants want to study Radiography, they often say similar things. They want to work in healthcare and often aren’t exactly sure what they want to do within it. Applicants often describe how when they found Radiography, they immediately felt it was the ideal specialism for them.

“Therapeutic Radiographers in particular enjoy caring for patients and building a relationship with them because they see them regularly, sometimes over a prolonged period of time. They also enjoy using technology.

“I come to Therapeutic Radiography from the perspective of: we’ve got all this fantastic technology, how are we going to use it to the best advantage for our patients? For me personally, the technology hooked me in to the profession but I’m most interested in how we can apply it.

“The focus is always on the patients’ care. We’re using the technology to help people.” 

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