What can you do with a diploma in higher education?

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An Access Diploma is an opportunity to develop qualifications. It allows those who may not currently hold the necessary skills to study for new careers. It can be used as a stepping stone into higher education.
Institutions across the UK offer a variety of courses for a range of different disciplines.  Including:
·         Business and Finance
·         Creative Arts and Media
·         Childcare and Social care
·         Education
·         Healthcare (including nursing and dentistry)
·         Humanities
·         Law
·         Performing Arts
·         Science (including medicine and bio-medical)
·         Travel & Tourism
Most courses will run for 1 year, with many institutions offering degrees in relevant subject areas. 
Case Study: Access to Higher Eduation (Health Science) Diploma

The Health Science diploma is a nationally recognised qualification, accepted by universities across the UK including University of Nottingham, City University London and University of Southampton.

What BA/BSc courses could I study with a Health Science diploma?

The Access to Higher Education (Health Science) diploma could get you onto a range of higher education healthcare courses in the UK.
Disciplines include:

•Occupational Therapy
•Exercise Science
•Community Health and Rehabilitation
We spoke to an Access student studying at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth to find out what they thought of the course:
Why have you chosen the Access course?
I lacked the necessary science background for direct entry.
Why have you chosen AECC for your studying?
AECC is reputable, close to the beach and multicultural.
What are your experiences at the AECC?
Those on the BSc programme have all been very welcoming and helpful. Regularly attend college bar and open mic nights with 3rd and 4th years.
What do you think about your progression? Do you think about future study at the AECC?
In many ways we are at an advantage over those with direct entry. We have a great foundation for the BSC programme as we have familiarised ourselves with college practices and have had opportunities to both observe and be treated in the AECC clinic.
What is the best part of the course?
The Access course is made up of both practical and theoretical elements, so is quite varied week to week. We have all made great friendships for life and are looking forward to moving in together next year for the BSc/MChiro programme.

 Studying with the AECC

The course at the AECC lasts for one year and is part-time. It is designed for those who wish to enter health-related degree courses but may not have the necessary qualifications to obtain a place on their chosen course. This course equips you for higher education courses leading to possible careers in chiropractic, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and more.