We built a University College!

As of Tuesday 5 September, the well-known Anglo European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth will come to be known as AECC University College.

As a result of the institution’s hard work, the former College gained Taught Degree Awarding Powers, and in turn University College status. These achievements indicate a mature institution, and one that no longer requires another higher education institution to validate the courses it offers.


AECC University College Logo


The rapid progress of the newly named institution provided an opportunity to be clear about what sets the AECC University College apart, particularly in a very competitive marketplace, and to also emphasise its position within the higher education sector.

The requirement to be able to communicate effectively and with confidence promoted the need for a rebrand, alongside celebrating the recently acquired quality marks and the direction of the University College. The new brand encompasses the personality and the visual and verbal identity of the institution, including a striking new logo and name that allows the institution to celebrate its illustrious past with its exciting future.

An additional element of the rebrand and repositioning was the introduction of a modern, contemporary website, accomplished by digital agency Greenwood Campbell.

The rebrand and repositioning work began in 2015, a process which allowed staff, students, alumni and external stakeholders to share their views and contribute their opinions. All areas of the University College were consulted, including the state-of-the-art Chiropractic and Ultrasound Clinics, and the onsite Bournemouth Open Upright MRI facility.

Physical changes have also been taking place over the summer with nearly half a million pounds spent on renovating key spaces; all part of a longer term plan to improve the learning environment for our students and academic study. The refurbishments also provide an opportunity for the institution to sensitively modernise spaces, improve utilisation and enhance energy within the Grade II listed building and further facilities.

The rebrand also sees the University College’s Students’ Union (SU) receive a freshening up, providing students with an improved and current logo which reflects elements of the AECC University College brand, but allows for the SU to be a stand-alone membership organisation, representing student views.

Haymo Thiel, Principal of AECC University College commented, “Now, more than ever, and as the AECC University College grows, is it important that we tell our story and demonstrate to our audiences and stakeholders what we do, why we matter and where we aim to be in the future. We are positive that the launch of our new name and brand will mark the beginning of a successful next chapter in the growth and impact of our work, and we can all look forward to being a part of this journey. We are proud to have built a University College and now we have an identity fitting for an autonomous Higher Education Institution.“

For further information about the new University College brand please see our Rebrand FAQs page.