Vocations by the Sea

Your university life begins where the sand meets the sea, and the horizon is full of opportunity. Study a specialised vocational course where you can make a difference and transform the lives of others.

Specialist health education in a unique environment

As a trusted and established higher education institution for over 50 years, we have trained some of the most talented and exceptional graduates who have gone on to have successful and rewarding careers in health science professions.

Join our distinctive multidisciplinary community, where you will learn and flourish from our expertise alongside like-minded health science students. Share your passion, influence and harness the opportunities around you, and fulfil your potential.

Real-world settings to enhance professional experiences

From chiropractic; sport, exercise and health science; and psychology, we have a range of undergraduate courses which are supported by clinical expertise in our on-site clinics and centres, so every day becomes a chance to grow and prepare for your thriving career.

Hands-on clinical training combined with professional and personal support will underpin your academic success. All our courses focus on ensuring you are work-ready when you graduate, developing your professional proficiency right here on campus.

These invaluable experiences, combined with our contemporary research, and our connections within the health industry, means you will graduate as a fully prepared and equipped health professional set to tackle the challenging health issues in a modern world.

Check out our future career pages and discover where our courses can take you.

Bournemouth is more than a location; it’s a way of life

Our Parkwood Campus is nestled in beautiful bluebell woodlands, a 10 minute stroll from 7 miles of award-winning sandy beaches and picturesque sea views.

Our perfect setting means you can live the coastal lifestyle while you study. Combine your interests and activities with your academic studies by embedding yourself within our active health communities. As a hot bed of wellbeing and wellness, Bournemouth has a notorious history as the resort to live out your best life.

We can’t wait to welcome you on campus. Visit us at our upcoming open day, Saturday 15th June or Saturday 17th August. 

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