Two joint PhD fellowships announced

The AECC has recently been successful in collaborating with Bournemouth University and Southampton University to fund two new PhD fellowships. These fellowship posts will be hosted both at the universities and at AECC, and will be in the area of musculoskeletal research.

The first, jointly funded by the AECC and Bournemouth University (BU), will be supervised by Dr Carol Clark a physiotherapist and academic at BU together with Dr Neil Osborne and Dr Dave Newell here at the AECC, and is looking to investigate the relationship between self-rated health, body image, aspects of sensory perception and function in patients with chronic low back pain.

The second is a fellowship partly funded by the AECC, the Royal College of Chiropractors and Southampton University, and will be supervised by a team including Dr Felicity Bishop, a leading academic in the School of Psychology at Southampton University, Dr Dave Newell and Professor George Lewith a medic and internationally renowned researcher, also at Southampton. This research project will explore whether collecting patient reported outcomes (PROMs) has an impact on the outcomes reported by patients during care, using a variety of methods, including Care Response (a web based system used in the AECC clinic) and a smart phone app developed at the AECC.

Both of these projects constitute exciting and innovative approaches to answering important questions within the field of musculoskeletal care and represent a further development of the research expertise and partnerships with prestigious universities at the AECC.

We expect this model of joint funding to lead to greater opportunities in working with external collaborators and universities and help to underpin future successful grant applications with nationally and internationally recognised research teams.