Timi Rotimi-Toviho - Student Profile

Timi studies on the Master of Chiropractic course at AECC University College and is in his Second Year. He is also a Student Representative and a Student Ambassador.

He tells us more about how his love of sport drew him to Chiropractic, his plans for the future, what his extra-curricular roles involve and why they are important to him:

“I grew up in Nigeria and my mum has always worked as a nurse. I came to the UK in 2012. I wanted to be a doctor initially; I even had a Chemistry set as a kid and I loved it. When I got to A-Levels, I didn’t quite get the grades that I needed in Chemistry and I had to re-evaluate my plans.

“Thankfully I found Chiropractic when I was looking at other healthcare courses. I compete in 100m and 200m sprinting and it was when I was at an athletics competition that I came across a Chiropractic stand.

“The Chiropractors were offering massage therapy and I was really interested in what they were doing. When I went home, I did some research and I found AECC University College.”

Choosing to study at AECC University College

“I went along to an Open Day and really fell in love with the place. I was impressed by the on-site Chiropractic Clinic; in the last year of your study here, you are based in the Clinic – which is quite a unique opportunity.

“It was great to speak to the Student Ambassadors; they were so enthusiastic about the campus, the facilities and what it was like to study here. I loved that the campus was near the beach and the weather was so good!

“I thought there wasn’t a big black population in the south of England, but I met someone at the Open Day who was also black and that made me feel welcome.

“He reassured me that this was a nice and welcoming community and said that people were really respectful to each other. That helped me make up my mind to study here.

“When you graduate from a Chiropractic degree, you still have a lot to learn – like in any healthcare profession. I would love to work with other Chiropractors initially, as part of a Clinic. I like the idea of working as a team and getting to discuss cases.

“That’s a great way to learn more about being a Chiropractor. Once I’ve built confidence, I would love to own my own clinic.”

Extra-curricular activities

“I’m a Student Representative for second year students and have fortnightly meetings with the Head of the School of Chiropractic, Phil Dewhurst. We discuss ways that we can enhance the student experience.  

“For example, if students don’t understand how to approach an essay, we can raise that. We can ask module leaders to explain concepts further if students are struggling to understand them. Students can private message us, or post on our Facebook group that each of the years has.

“The meetings are informal and you always feel listened to, which is great. We also have regular meetings with the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Lesley Haig. It’s great to have these different channels.”

Love of sport

“I have always loved running and playing football in my spare time and when I started at a school in Nottingham after moving to the UK, one of the PE teachers noticed that I was fast. She recommended I went to the Notts Athletics Club, which I did. I was assigned a coach and started training in sprinting.

“I have always loved football as well and I’m part of the football team at AECC University College. We haven’t been able to play or train due to Covid-19, but hopefully we’ll be able to get back to it soon. We won back-to-back trophies last year, so it’s been really frustrating not being able to play.

“Before Covid, the different sports teams at AECC University College used to socialise together on a Wednesday evening. It was great and everyone integrated with each other. During Covid, we have stayed in touch on WhatsApp and we try and do virtual activities to get everyone involved.

“We keep talking to each other to check in with each other, but you really need the ball at your feet to be able to train.”

Student Ambassador

“I applied to be a Student Ambassador because I wanted people who look like me to know that this occupation can be for them.

“It’s great to chat to people who are leaving school or college, in Year 12 and Year 13. I enjoy going to different schools and talking to students to tell them about how good AECC University College is.

“I want to help people of any colour, any gender, any race to get into Chiropractic.”

You can find out more about the Master of Chiropractic course at AECC University College here.