Studying Chiropractic at AECC University College - Interview with Caroline Elphick

Caroline Elphick is a final year MChiro (Hons) student at AECC University College. She discusses why she is proud to study at such a reputable institution, the support she has received from her course leaders and lecturers, especially at this time of global uncertainty, and the close-knit community she has come to know and love.

“I chose AECC University College because of its incredible reputation and by recommendation from my brother who studied here some years ago. I went to an Open Day and it was clear that each student is valued - everyone was so welcoming. It was a no brainer for me to apply to study here.”

A supportive community

“A highlight of my time at the University College has been getting to know my wonderful tutors and Course Leaders who are approachable and always up for a chat. Their knowledge and passion for their subjects is inspiring and they are great role models. Their enthusiasm is infectious and certainly makes lectures more interesting.

“My tutors have been very supportive and eager to help us, especially at this time (Covid-19 global pandemic). Lecturers already put a lot of information on our online platform in the form of videos, word documents, power point slides etc. All lectures that hadn’t been done face-to-face were audio recorded for us and all tutors were available for us to ask questions as and when. They also did ‘Zoom’ calls with us all to make sure all information was clear and to let us ask more questions as a group. 

“Another highlight for me has been the friendship groups I have made, which will last a life-time.”

Chiropractic training

“I’ve been pleased with how evidence-based the MChiro course is, with every lecture and lab session backed up with research.

“The on-site Chiropractic clinic improves the education here tremendously - observing real patient appointments is essential to help preparation for entering clinic as an intern. It is also an advantage as an intern because tutors give support at every stage of patient management.

“We have a prosection lab where we can see true anatomy on preserved cadavers. This is an incredible educational experience which we are lucky to have on site.

“The library at AECC University College is also a beautiful and peaceful place to study, allowing access to a wide range of study materials.”

Looking to the future  

“While studying on the MChiro course, I have found an unexpected interest in neurology. We learn a lot about neuroanatomy and neurology here, which has made me want to pursue it further after I finish the course. I have completed work experience during reading weeks and holidays at chiropractic clinics around the UK and I have several options for when I graduate.”

Proud to study at AECC University College

“I am proud to study at AECC University College because of the high standards of education provided and the sense of being part of one big family. I would highly recommend the MChiro course to those considering a future career in Chiropractic as it is challenging and thought-provoking, plus you have a friendly close-knit community supporting you along the way.”

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