Student Profile - Candice Wong

Candice is an international student and studies on the Master of Chiropractic course at AECC University College and is in her First Year. She is also a Student Ambassador.

She tells us more about what drew her to study Chiropractic, her ambitions for the future, and her love of sport:

“I wanted to study Chiropractic because I’m really interested in sport and being active. I looked at courses in Physiotherapy and Chiropractic initially. I was really drawn to the prospect of having my own Clinic one day and the specialist nature of Chiropractic.

“I’m from Hong Kong and Chiropractic is not so common there. There aren’t many Chiropractors practising. I would like to open my own clinic in the future.

“I like the flexibility that working for yourself offers: you can work full-time or part-time. You also have the option of working as an associate in a Clinic.

“I have played football since I was 13 years old and I would love to work in Chiropractic for a football team. I joined the football team here at AECC University College, which is great. It’s a great opportunity to play a sport that I love and it’s really social too.”

Living abroad

“This is my first time living abroad and living away from my family. My cooking skills have really improved! I’ve been cooking some of the meals that we have at home.

“It’s good for me to learn these life skills. It hasn’t been ideal with Covid-19, but it has been a positive experience for me.

“I wanted to be Student Ambassador because I’m an international student and I would like to support other prospective international students. A lot of our students come from around the world and it’s great to meet lots of other people this way.”

You can find out more about the Master of Chiropractic course at AECC University College here.