NEW: AECC University College Launches Student Chiropractic Sports Clinic

Clinical and Rehabilitation Services at AECC University College is pleased to announce the launch of its new Student Chiropractic Sports Clinic, designed for patients with sports injuries, or those looking to improve their athletic performance.  

Patients can book appointments with our Placement Student Chiropractors, under the guidance of our experienced clinicians, for an initial assessment and then receive follow-up treatment.  

Our Placement Student Chiropractors will thoroughly evaluate patients and develop a personalised rehabilitation plan tailored to their specific needs.  

Patients of the new Clinic will benefit from AECC University College’s Integrated Rehabilitation Centre, where they will be able to undertake their recovery or rehabilitation programme under professional supervision. 

The Student Chiropractic Clinic also provides free triage sessions on Thursday afternoons, for those who are unsure whether their condition or concerns are right for this service. Patients can make an appointment for this via Clinic Reception.  

Chiropractic Clinic Lead, Daniel Heritage, explains: “Our new Student Chiropractic Sports Clinic offers our patients expert care as affordably as possible. Our Placement Students work very closely with our highly experienced Chiropractors, to ensure the highest standards of patient care.  

“Patients also benefit from our comprehensive approach to sports injuries and performance here at AECC University College. Patients can access our other on-site departments, and clinicians from across our multidisciplinary team, offering a wide range of services to enhance their athletic performance. 

“Patients will also be able to take advantage of the performance testing that we offer on campus to assess their current abilities, and work with our experienced strength and conditioning specialists to improve their physical fitness and measure endurance.”   

You can find out more or book an initial assessment here