Student Blog – Studying Chiropractic at AECC University College

Jia Min is a Second Year international student on our Master of Chiropractic course. She tells us more about how she is finding the course, her passion for promoting musculoskeletal health and how the pandemic has impacted life at the University College:

Motivation to study

“I believe that our health and wellbeing is something that we should all cherish, protect and work to improve. Sedentary lifestyles and a lack of physical activity are becoming increasingly common and this makes protecting our musculoskeletal health more important than ever.

“I think it’s important to educate people on how to look after their bodies and encourage better control of their own health. That way, we can have great adventures with minimal risk of injury!”

AECC University College

“AECC University College is well recognised as a specialist in healthcare. We have the largest Chiropractic teaching clinic in Europe and this offers important opportunities for us to gain experience of clinical life.

“We also benefit from the School of Radiology at the University College. We learn diagnostic imaging as part of the course and also have the privilege of making easy referrals for ultrasound and MRI scans that help our patients.  

“Having lots of different tutors who specialise in different techniques and styles allows us to observe and absorb everything and develop as healthcare professionals.

“We are a relatively small and specialised institution, which means different year groups mix easily and even form study groups or practice clinical skills together. This supportive environment makes me feel like being part of a big family even though I am far away from home.”

Highlights of the course

“Case-based learning is one of my favourite units. Simulated clinical cases are prepared based on real patients from the clinic and we are required to diagnose and form management plans, just like having a real patient encounter.

“As a primary healthcare professional, apart from having a good understanding of musculoskeletal conditions, we are also trained on other aspects such as neurology, general medicine, safeguarding and rare conditions. This enables us to acknowledge conditions that we can treat and identify those that need to be referred to other health care professionals.  

“The Chiropractic profession is relatively new and small in comparison to other healthcare professions.”

Staying organised

“I find time management and weekly planners are important to keep myself motivated. I always plan my week ahead by jotting down all my lectures, labs and deadlines.

“This is made easy by our new weekly activity guide system. Each unit of the course produces a guide on a Thursday for the next week’s learning. This includes objectives for the week, how to prepare for the classes, where to find additional learning resources and links for the online sessions. I find this method effective in guiding me throughout the week, making sure that I have covered all units.

“Taking regular breaks is really important. It’s great to exercise after you’ve been sitting down for a long time; it helps you to recharge and keeps you from getting worn out. I also enjoy baking and going for walks during breaks.”

AECC University College during Covid-19

“Covid-19 has had a huge impact on everyone’s lives. I would like to thank all AECC University College staff and tutors for keeping us updated and providing plenty of support from the beginning despite the difficult situation.

“Lectures are conducted online in live sessions and there are lots of pre-recorded materials, videos and quizzes available for us to learn from. Practical clinical skills take place on campus and face to face with PPE, smaller class sizes and video-linked rooms so that students can learn from different staff across campus.

The library is open for use and sources and materials are available for us physically or as a virtual copy. Ultimately, I am excited about continuing on the course and looking forward to discovering more about Chiropractic.”