Student Blog: My Top Tips for Battling Homesickness

Charley Bennett
Year 2 - Master of Chiropractic

For many people, studying at university is their first time living away from home. For me, it was daunting to be living alone. Before university, I lived at home with my parents, two sisters and little French Bulldog puppy; I loved coming home every evening to a busy household. So, homesickness was something I had to deal with, and over the years I have come up with a few tips to help other students like me overcome it.

Photographs - As soon as you walk into my flat, there are photographs EVERYWHERE. I love framing snapshots of my happiest memories. It also helps having pictures around as when you are having a day when all you want to do is go home, you can look around and reminisce of times spent with your loved ones.

Video calling - We are blessed nowadays to have technology right at our fingertips so most of us have access to apps and social media, which is a great way to keep in contact with friends and family. When feeling homesick, the only remedy can be speaking with your loved ones, which is why I scheduled in one day a week where I would video call my family just so I could have a conversation and see their faces; just like we were in the same room.

Rail card - Planning a trip home can be so exciting, especially if you haven’t seen your family and friends in a few weeks or months. However, it can also be quite expensive. For me, home was two trains away so my rail card is a life-saver. It helps cut the cost of trips which can be stressful in itself; it also means you can afford to go home more often!

Distractions - For me, homesickness was worse when I had nothing to do. I found that making new friends and joining new clubs and societies really helped me to stay distracted, whilst benefiting me socially. This way you stay busy and get the most of university life. So, I recommend joining a university sports team, society or club, spending time with friends and doing the things you love to do!

I hope that these tips help you when you’re feeling homesick, but please remember you’re not alone and we all pine for those home comforts form time to time. If you have any questions or require some support, feel free to speak to any student ambassador, our Students’ Union or Student Services team who are more than happy to support you.

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