Student Blog: Life as a Year 1 Master of Chiropractic Student

Lauren Penaluna
Year 1 - Master of Chiropractic

Hello! My name is Lauren and I am a direct entry Year 1 student studying the Masters in Chiropractic course. This post is all about my experience from my first couple of weeks here at AECC University College.

Walking into the campus grounds and seeing AECC University College is like stepping into the land of Harry Potter. The building looks like Hogwarts and I’m still half expecting to pass Albus Dumbledore in the corridor on the way to my lecture.

The first week was a mixture of lectures and labs, which introduced us to the course and the units we will be covering in the first year. Pre-reading before lectures is highly recommended - there is a lot of information which is given in detail. Lectures are fast paced, but lecturers are more than happy to answer questions afterwards or via email.

This campus is relatively small compared to other universities, so being able to find everything should be easy – once you know where everything is! Most of the lectures are in the same rooms and the same with labs. I remember looking at my timetable and thinking ‘where are all of these rooms?’ but as soon as you get a rough idea from talking to other students, it all falls into place.

Now, we are lucky enough to have a Students’ Union who listen to students and are always there for a chat or to help with any queries or problems. Throughout the year, they arrange events for all the students to be able to get together and mingle with each other. They organised the whole of social aspect of Arrivals Week and a fantastic Freshers Fair. The events I attended were thoroughly enjoyable.

Surrounding Parkwood Campus are tons of high streets with a variety of shops such as Primark, Boots and Sainsburys. 5-minute walk and you can pick all the supplies you need for the day, or just to pop and get some food. We're also 10 minutes away from the clifftops and the amazing Bournemouth Beach, so it's great to go and explore if you have a time between lectures and seminars.

I cannot wait to continue my studies here at AECC University College, and cannot wait for the next 4 years of my life!

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