Student Blog: Adapting to Working at Home

Charley Bennett, Third Year Master of Chiropractic Student

Charley Bennett Third Year MChiro Student

Charley Bennett is a Third Year Master of Chiropractic Student. She shares with us how she has been finding working from home this week, as the UK practices social distancing in the fight against COVID-19. Charley also gives us her tips for staying motivated and focused on studying during this unprecedented time:

“I am loving the Master of Chiropractic course because of how diverse it is. I particularly enjoy the practical classes as we have such amazing facilities at AECC University College.

“What with the current situation of COVID19, we have all found ourselves in unfamiliar territory. I made the decision to move back to my family home whilst we are advised to self-isolate.

“I have made a study area on my dining table and always have headphones within reach to lift my mood when I start to feel demotivated. The biggest thing that helped me to successfully work from home was establishing a routine. It is so easy when the whole family is home to get distracted, start watching a new Netflix series, or find any excuse to not start studying.

“By designating specific times to study and take breaks I can fit in time to revise as well as relax. This also helps me to stay active; by assigning an hour in the middle of the day specifically for exercise. I try to make the most of an open space with a couple of little weights for a home work-out. You could always try exercises with a tin of beans instead if you don’t have any weights!

“When it comes to studying, I find Moodle to be one of the best tools we have. It gives us access to the online library for e-books as well as helpful websites such as Anatomy TV.

“Another resource that I have used throughout my degree is Quizlet. It is a website that allows you to make flashcards and study them in all different ways. It is a really helpful tool that can be accessed online at any time, instead of having to carry lots of paper flashcards around.

“Another important thing to maintain whilst in isolation is contact with loved ones which is why I have been using social media and video messaging to check in with friends. It is also a way to keep positive at a time that is difficult. I wish everyone best wishes at this time and stay safe!”