NEW: Self-Referral Ultrasound Service Launches at AECC University College

Clinical and Rehabilitation Services at AECC University College is pleased to launch a new self-referral Ultrasound service. 

The service is led by Consultant Radiologist, Dr. Laith Al-Obaidi. Laith joins the team from University Hospital Dorset, where he also works as CT Clinical Lead.  

Clinical Imaging Lead at AECC University College, Matt Southam, said: “We are really pleased to have Dr. Al-Obaidi with us, and to be able to offer this new service.  

“This flexible self-referral service makes receiving an Ultrasound quicker and easier for patients, whether it’s for screening, monitoring a condition, or gaining additional insight.   

“Instead of having to see their GP first, patients can refer themselves directly to the service. Due to considerable NHS waiting lists for Ultrasound scans, we know that many patients are looking for an alternative and affordable Ultrasound service in Dorset.  

“We are offering appointments after work hours and at weekends, as well as during the day, to make sure booking times are convenient for patients.”  

Book an Ultrasound Scan 

To refer yourself to this service, you simply need to complete the enquiry form on our website and our team will organise an appointment for you.   

During the appointment, our Consultant Radiologist will have a chat with you about your condition or symptoms and carry out the scan. Our team will complete a report for you from the scan and Dr. Al-Obaidi will discuss the findings and make recommendations for the best next steps.  

You will be sent a copy of your report, which you will be able to access digitally. We will also send your report to your GP.  

Dr. Al-Obaidi continues: “This service has real advantages for our patients, as it allows them to be put on the right referral track quickly.  

“Ultrasound scans can be really useful in detecting early cancers and early disease. This service aims to give patients the opportunity to take an active role in managing their health. 

“Preventative healthcare is the key to a healthier future. If you can proactively detect potential health concerns early on, you have the knowledge and peace of mind to take action before problems arise. 

“This is an affordable self-referral Ultrasound service and our transparent pricing structure ensures that all scans are offered at the same competitive price per body part.”  

Dr. Al-Obaidi is a highly skilled and experienced radiologist with a passion for providing his patients with the best possible care. He is a fellow of the Royal College of Radiology in London, and has two master's degrees in radiology, both obtained with Distinction.  

Dr. Al-Obaidi has extensive experience in a wide range of ultrasound scans, including paediatric ultrasound, musculoskeletal ultrasound, general ultrasound, vascular Doppler, and small parts ultrasound. He is an expert in ultrasound guided procedures, such as injections, drainages, and biopsies. 

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