Research Success for Recent Graduate – Savanna Koebisch

Congratulations to recent graduate of AECC University College, Savanna Koebisch, who has published a paper from her third-year research project.

Savanna conducted a systematic review on the recruitment and retention of healthcare professionals in rural Canada.

Since then, she has worked with her supervisor Jacqui Rix, and unit lead, Michelle Holmes, to publish her project. You can read Savanna’s review here at the Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine.

We caught up with Savanna to find out more about her research and what life has been like since graduating:

“My studies at AECC University College began in 2015. After four years of intense learning, I obtained my MChiro degree, graduating in 2019. Over the course of my studies, I became particularly interested in research, sparked by the research unit in Year 3.

“After graduating, I worked at my father’s Chiropractic Clinic in Canada for a few months. In order to do this, I completed the Canadian Board Exams parallel to the exams at AECC University College during my final year.

“I am currently employed in Germany, and am opening my own clinic shortly.”

Healthcare in Rural Canada

“I was born and raised in rural Alberta in Canada and I’ve always had an interest in rural healthcare. Several members of my family and some of my friends practice in rural and remote locations.

“The key findings of my study were that a wide scope of practice and attraction to the rural lifestyle were most important for recruitment, and to a lesser extent, retention of healthcare professionals in rural Canada.

“Economic factors, such as incentives (financial and/or non-financial) were less effective than I expected. In fact, incentives were for the most part not effective for recruitment, and even less influential on retention.

“A gap in the research was determined in the realm of factors influencing the recruitment and retention in healthcare professionals other than medical doctors in Canada.

“Previous research had focused on specific elements of recruitment and retention of healthcare professionals in rural areas of Canada. Our review aimed to conduct a broader synthesis by reviewing multiple factors.

“This is beneficial to healthcare practitioners and medical institutions, as a broader synthesis allows it to be more generalisable.

“I presented my preliminary findings at Researcher’s Day and WFC ECU EPIC Congress 2019 in Berlin as a poster.”

Research Mentors

“My mentors at AECC University College, Jacqui Rix and Michelle Holmes, were fundamental to the success of this publication.

“As my project supervisor, Jacqui supported and guided my ideas. I’ve worked closely with Michelle both on that project and on new projects since. Both ladies are great role models in research, and encouraged my enthusiasm.”

Future Research

“In the summer following my final exams, I was chosen to take part in the Programme for Early Researchers in Chiropractic (PERC) internship. This was funded by the Chiropractic Research Council and run by the Centre for Sport, Exercise & Osteoarthritis Research Versus Arthritis UK.

“Over eight weeks, I attended research training days at affiliated institutions: Oxford, Bath, Leeds, Loughborough, Southampton, Nottingham.

“As part of the internship, I undertook another project: ‘A scoping review of musculoskeletal service provision, patient needs, and physical activity of patients with MSK related pain living in rural areas.’

“The preliminary findings were presented at the Research Dissemination Day at the Botnar Research Centre, Nuffield Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences, University of Oxford.

“This scoping review was accepted and presented as a poster at the British Chiropractic Association Autumn Conference, and accepted as a poster for the ECU 2020 Congress.

“I am currently preparing this scoping review for publication. I hope to begin a PhD in the near future, with a focus on rural and remote healthcare.”

You can read Savanna’s full article here.

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