Research collaboration with Keele University

The AECC’s  Dr Dave Newell and Jonathan Field have secured funding for a 12 month project to trial a new healthcare questionnaire in collaboration with academics at Keele University. The comprehensive questionnaire was developed by the internationally renowned musculoskeletal (MSK) research group at Keele University to cover all types of MSK problems. This has been developed with a view to use widely amongst GPs and hospitals in the UK.

The collaboration will see the new questionnaire trialled on a large cohort of patients undergoing chiropractic care and will utilise innovative technology ‘Care Response’ - an electronic platform created by AECC graduate Jonathan Field and already available to UK chiropractors. This platform allows patients to fill in the questionnaires also known as Patient Reported Outcome Measures or PROMs on-line, on smart phones or tablets. 

Monitoring how patients are doing during their care is important not only for the patient and their doctor but other stake holders such as those that commission and pay for care provided. This collaboration looks to improve patient care at a UK level through the collection of PROMs.  Dave Newell, Director of Research at the AECC commented: ‘’Funded by an innovation grant from the RCC we are proud to be leading this collaborative project. We are grateful for the support of the RCC in enabling this study to go ahead.’’