RSP Students to present at research showcase event

On Wednesday 27th April, the School of Rehabilitation, Sport and Psychology is hosting its first research showcase event, with students presenting their research findings and proposals at AFC Bournemouth. All staff and students are warmly welcome to join from 9.30am – 1.30pm. This is a free event, but please book your ticket in advance.

The conference will start off with a keynote talk from Amy Spencer, who is a HCPC accredited sport psychologist. Amy provides psychological support at Southampton FC for players working across all age groups from U9 to first team, focusing mainly on U18s and B-team players who are transitioning to the first team squad. Amy is in the final stages of completing her PhD at Winchester University where she has looked at embedding mindfulness into the football culture to support performance.

During the conference there will be an opportunity to listen to Postgraduate and Second Year RSP student dissertation proposal presentations, as well as 3rd year RSP students who will be presenting their final dissertations.

These students are researching in a wide range of areas including concussion, rehabilitation, and elite performance. A list of included topics can be seen below.

Zoe Wimshurst, Senior Lecturer in Psychology from AECC University College said:

“I’m really excited to see the hard work that the students have put into their research and the exciting ideas our students have come up with. This is the time that they get to choose something that they‘re passionate about for the research dissertations, and it’s great to see the variety of areas they have been inspired by.”

Undergraduate research topics include:

  • Relative age effect and physical activity
  • Effects of exercise on fibromyalgia
  • Cardiovascular risk factors
  • Effect of Post Isometric Relaxation stretching on hip flexor strength
  • Lived experience of support provided to women who have had a miscarriage
  • Understanding and experience of NHS guidelines for alcohol consumption


Postgraduate research topics include:

  • Person and Performance. Examining how mental health self-awareness is assessed in elite sport
  • Overtraining or under recovery in semi-professional football.
  • Impact of vision on performance in football using shoulder mobilisation techniques to enhance performance of wheelchair basketball players
  • What is the perception of the clinician on patients’ mental health
  • The effect of acute low load blood flow restriction training upon exercise self-efficacy
  • Gaze behaviour during the badminton service return
  • Effects of strength training on glycaemic control in Type 1 diabetics: Implementing strength training into rehabilitation settings
  • Comparing opinions of coaches and cisgender, trans and nonbinary athletes on the new IOC guidelines
  • Sport-related concussions
  • Exploring Covid-19 impact on disabled athlete opportunities and mental health
  • Recovery techniques for muscles soreness post-game in rugby players
  • Exit strategies in academy sports teams
  • Putting ice to bed: Does the use of ice as a healing method have an influence on inflammation response in the acute phase of injury.
  • Where does quitting stop and giving up begin? How has he mental health movement changed how elite athletes react to pressure and adverse wellbeing?
  • Postgraduate dissertation proposal presentations – two areas, main and side.
  • The effect of competition on isometric neck strength
  • How the presence or absence of a psychologist helps with the rehabilitation of athletes
  • The effects of plyometric training in shod compared to barefoot
  • The psychological effects of the use of exercise as punishment in training on semi-professional football players
  • Post concussive syndrome in rugby players

Entry to the event is free, and can be pre-booked via Eventbrite.