Personalising your degree

Increasing clarity in undergraduate provision in the School of Psychology, Sport and Physical Activity

AECC University College have taken the decision to further focus the undergraduate course provision within the School of Psychology Sport and Physical Activity. Acting upon feedback received from applicants in the previous year, the University College has moved to make it easier to identify the differences between courses by removing some of the course options.

In the psychology subject area students were struggling to understand the differences between the Psychology, Health Psychology, and Counselling Psychology courses. As a result, we have combined these courses so you can choose one course, and then choose optional units that focus on health psychology, counselling psychology, or broader psychology depending on your interest.

Similarly in the Sport and Exercise Science area, the ‘Sport, Exercise and Health Science’; ‘Sport Science’; and ‘Exercise and Health Science’ courses have been combined in the ‘Sport, Exercise and Health Science’ course with optional units throughout allowing a greater focus on elite sport (sport science), health and wellbeing (exercise and health science), or sport and exercise science. This allows students to tailor the course in line with interests.

These changes mean students no longer have to commit to a specific pathway before starting our courses, but allows students to make pathway decisions as they progress through their course.

We are in the process of updating our website and student recruitment channels and this will include removing:

• BSc Health & Exercise Science
• BSc Sport Science
• BSc Health Psychology
• BSc Counselling Psychology

As we put focus on the below four courses within our School of Psychology, Sport and Physical Activity.

• Psychology
• Sport and Exercise Psychology
• Clinical Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences
• Sport, Exercise and Health Science

Should you have any questions about the changes please contract our friendly admissions team who will be happy to help you further