Overwhelming response to the AECC Speed Meet

Due to the overwhelming amount of interest for this years Speed Meet we will be holding an additional event of the same format towards the end of this year (November-December - date to be announced shortly). Register your interest for this event.

The March Speed Meet is now fully booked. If you have a vacancy but haven't been successful in getting a place we are happy to advertise any jobs in the clinic. 22 rooms of interviewers looking for their perfect candidate and 38 students looking to fill those positions... The Speed Meet takes the concept of speed dating and uses it to match clinics with their ideal associates. They say impressions are made within just 7 seconds and while we'll give you a bit longer than that (10 minutes) we think it's just long enough to decide who you would like to see for a more in-depth interview. During the day candidates will have approximately 10 minutes to discuss their skill set with each interviewer, at the end of each slot a whistle will sound, telling the applicants that they need to more on to the next room in a 'round robin' arrangement. The Speed Meet allows interviewers to meet with a large number of candidates, to give them a clearer picture of who they would like to see after the event to conduct a more extensive interview. There will be an opportunity to follow up with these candidates on-site after the event has ended to have further conversations.