Ole Brink - Student Profile

We spoke to Ole Brink, a Second Year Master of Chiropractic student and our SU International Officer, about his experience of moving from Amsterdam to Bournemouth to study at AECC University College. 

Travelling to the UK 

"I was going to fly over from Holland, but I actually managed to borrow my dad’s car. I packed everything I could fit in and drove here. Others I know flew over. They either shipped their belongings over but most just bought things when they arrived.

"I decided to arrive a week before Freshers Week started. I wanted to get settled and to get my affairs in order a bit. I spent some time just riding around the area on my bike, getting to know the town and where things were. I also went to IKEA (a few times!).

"I really liked that week. A few international students arrived early too, and others were happy to move straight in and start Freshers Week. They don’t feel like they need to do much – put new sheets on the bed and they’re good to go! Freshers Week itself was really good and really helped as I got to know lots of others. 

"I regretted not bringing many summer clothes – I wasn’t aware how nice the weather was going to be here and thought I needed mostly sweaters and long trousers. But the first couple of months were absolutely amazing! So I had to use the same two swimming shorts for weeks on end.

"I also wish I had brought more adapters with me – all my chargers have the European plug. I had to buy a lot of adapters and extension cords when I got here but I wish I had brought some with me as I couldn’t charge my phone and my laptop together in the first week."

Life in Bournemouth 

"Bournemouth is great. I came over here last year for the open day, but that was only for a weekend. Since arriving here I’ve found lots of nice pubs. I love Spoons, the whole concept of it is brilliant! For good drinks me and my friends head to Turtle Bay and the Cosy Club.

"I’m also an avid hiker so I love to go over to the Isle of Wight and hike there. Other great places to go are Portland, and Stourhead is a great place for a picnic! What was the most surprising thing about living in the UK? Well, I fi nd it a little funny how defensive the British can be about their tea.

"My English friends couldn’t understand that I don’t like drinking tea with milk in it (I find it quite awful!). Luckily though I like to drink G&Ts, so all was forgiven."

"There is no Chiropractic university in Holland. AECC is renowned in Europe and is known as one of the best. The chiropractor I shadowed in Holland also studied here and said so many good things about it, I just had to check it out. I came to an open day and fell in love with the place and the beach.

"The UK was still in the EU when I started, so it was a little easier but I still had to apply for the settlement scheme. I applied online and it was relatively easy. I also had to arrange my national police certificate.

"I’d suggest you start getting these things in place as soon as you can – there always seems to be road blocks and things get delayed. The earlier you start, the better but you should be just fine."

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Ole Brink

Above: Ole Brink