New Paediatric Evidence-Based Practice Club Sees Early Encouraging Results

AECC University College has recently established a weekly paediatric club to meet the needs of its chiropractic students. This was in response to feedback that some students found it challenging to apply evidence to their practice, and to help other others discover how they can further develop as evidence-based clinicians.

Head of School of Chiropractic, Philip Dewhurst commented: “It is important that we provide multiple opportunities for our students to learn from the curriculum and beyond it. This kind of activity provides our students with additional skills and techniques for their careers and further study.

The new paediatric club has provided an environment where students can benefit from our academics staffs’ expertise and promotes a positive culture towards knowledge sharing and encouraging discussion.”

Students have provided highly positive feedback about the club with 81% of those attending stating they felt the club further developed their analytical skills in relation to the literature on paediatric care, and 80% who felt the club taught them to analyse their own clinical practice. The success of the club has even spread to students in the School of Chiropractic who have not attended, with 97% of those asked saying they would attend in the future to aid their own professional development.

These are positive outcomes for the new club, demonstrating its position in supporting chiropractic students who wish to enhance their evidence-based approach to paediatric care.

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