New CSP Strengthening Initiative

This week’s announcement from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy that they have received National Lottery funding for a 15 month strengthening could be a step in the right direction.
The initiative, delivered in collaboration with Sport England and the Centre for Ageing Better addresses a key issue in ageing in the developed world. Government physical activity guidelines have long included the importance of strengthening and fall prevention exercises for over 65s but public awareness of the guidelines and uptake has been poor.

Every minute six people over 65 suffer a fall in the UK taking up four million hospital beds at a cost to the NHS of £2.3bn. With a growing ageing population in the UK this public health issue looks set to become greater across the developed world. Existing approaches show low uptake rates in over 65s, as low as 6% engagement. Reasons for this are currently being hypothesised, including avoiding the stigma attached to participating in falls prevention as it is a sign of reaching old age.

Research also shows the effectiveness of combining functional training with balance and resistance exercises which reduces incidence by 34%, Tai Chi has shown reductions in falls of 19% alone. Current research supporting significant falls prevention with a resistance training alone is limited and a combined approach appears best. Providing this advice and training in line with existing healthcare provision is essential to improve engagement and adherence and could be the most effective way forwards.

Given our excellence in sport and performance this is a strand that we will be building in to our exciting new Graduate Entry MSc Physiotherapy which today the School of Psychology, Sport and Physical Activity opened for recruitment for 2020.

Find out more about the MSc Physiotherapy (pre-registration) from 2020 (subject to validation) and register your interest. Or come and visit us on a future open day to see our world class facilities supporting our excellent health sciences teaching and research.