Meet the Student: Evelien van Bergeijk

Evelien is an international student at AECC University College, joining us from the Netherlands. She is currently in her final year of the Master of Chiropractic course and is working in our onsite Chiropractic Clinic 

She tells us more about her time at the University College, what studying with us is like and how she feels about treating patients in Clinic for the first time:  

Working in the on-site Chiropractic Clinic  

“I love working in the Clinic so much. I’ve been studying and preparing for this for three years, but I did feel a bit nervous about what treating actual patients would be like. It’s easy to put a lot of pressure on yourself, but it’s actually pretty chilled in the Clinic. The tutors are amazing and really helpful.  

“It’s brilliant to have that contact with patients and to use what you’ve learned. We’ve practised taking patient histories a lot but it’s very different when you’re actually doing it in real life.  

“Sometimes patients won’t know the answers to what you’re asking, so you have to ask different questions to get the information that you need. I’m getting the hang of it though.” 

Studying abroad  

 “I went to a Study Abroad fair in the Netherlands, as I knew I wanted to travel to study. I was actually looking at studying in Canada, but then I came across Chiropractic and I immediately thought: this is it!  

“I wanted to study Medicine originally but what I liked about Chiropractic was that you see your patients regularly. That gives you the chance to make a real connection with patients. They will tell you things about their health that they might not share with anyone else. 

 “My English was pretty good when I came to England and I learned so much in the first month of being here. I felt I was picking up the language really fast, partly because my studies had started and I had to! I was speaking English so much and that’s really the best way to learn. 

“It has also been great knowing other Dutch students at the University College and spending time with them when I am missing home.  

“I moved into my current accommodation after Second Year. I live with friends from the course and our house is just two minutes away from campus – which is amazing.” 

After graduation  

“My time at AECC University College has gone so fast. When you first start your studies, it feels like it’ll be ages before you are qualified and then suddenly it arrives!  

“I want to go back to the Netherlands once I have graduated. I have been looking at a few practices and there are a few that are higher on the list than others. I am very excited and a bit scared to start this next chapter of my life next year!" 

You can find out more about the Master of Chiropractic course here.  

Evelien van Bergeijk

Above: Evelien van Bergeijk