Launch of Free Expert Talks Series Focused on Sport Performance

This autumn, AECC University College are presenting a number of free expert talks focused on the different aspects of sport performance.

Taking place on Parkwood Campus, the talks will be hosted by members of the University College’s School of Psychology, Sport and Physical Activity with the line-up including Professor of Sport and Performance Psychology, Stewart Cotterill.

The first of the talks, ‘Psychology of Winning and Performing Under Pressure’ (Wednesday 3 October, 6.30pm), Professor Stewart Cotterill addresses the similar psychology underpinning success in different environments. Whether you’re interested in sport, music, performing arts, medicine, business or the military, the brain works in a very similar way. Expect to take away some key lessons about how to win and succeed when performing, whatever the environment, by understanding the psychological factors that are crucial to success and importantly, how these can be trained.

Dr Zöe Wimshurst follows in the series with ‘Seeing is Achieving: Using Your Vision to Enhance Sport Performance’ (Wednesday 24 October, 6.30pm). Around 80% of the information that your body receives is through your eyes. In this talk, Dr Wimshurst will discuss the role of the visual system in elite performance, and will explain the differences between expert and novice performers, as well as how to train and improve your own vision for performance. Open your eyes during this talk, particularly those interested in sport (be that as an athlete, coach, official, or teacher), but also those who have to make fast decision based on what they are seeing.

In our final talk, ‘The Science of “Fitness”: The Physiology Of Fitness and How To Train For Optimum Performance’ (Wednesday , sport and exercise scientist Phill Heritage addresses the word “fitness”, widely used in reference to a range of populations from general public to elite athletes. Phill delves deeper into the definition of fitness and how it is dependent on the requirements of the sport in which one is engaged, which can heavily influence the nature of training. Phill will explain the common mistakes people make with reference to performance physiology, how different sporting requirements vary training needs and provide an insight into simple methods that can be used to significantly enhance performance in competitions.

Principal, Professor Haymo Thiel commented: "Our commitment to improve knowledge on health, science and sport is fundamental to who we are as an institution. Many of the public already know us through our clinical services and have benefited from our expertise in this way, so we’re excited to share our knowledge with the wider community on subjects we get asked about a lot, to educate and inspire our community."

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