Jane Johnson - Staff Profile

We love that AECC University College is such a close-knit community. For those of you who have just started here with us, we’d like to introduce you to some of the support staff who are here to help you during your time at AECC University College.

Introducing…Jane Johnson:

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your role?

“I am the AECC University College Receptionist and Administrator. My main job is to help with enquiries and greet our visitors. I have a strong all-round knowledge about everything happening at AECC University College so that I can assist or accurately sign-post people to access the information. In fact, I am known as being the ‘fount of all knowledge’ at the University!

“I undertake all types of reception duties, including answering the phone, sorting the post, and assisting anyone from contractors to patients, students to staff members - the reception team is always happy to help or provide direction.”

How long have you been working here for? 

“I have worked here for 18 years and I’m now in my 19th year.”

Where can you be found on campus? 

“I am mainly found in Reception or in the Reception office. I pride myself on having an ‘open door policy’, so anyone is always welcome to have a chat – students or staff.”

What do you do to support students on campus?

“I'm always friendly towards them, I really care about them all - they’re like my children! I listen to them and if they've got a query or they've got a problem, I will always look to solve it for them or at least point them in the right direction.”

What are your top tips for a new student starting with us? 

“Ultimately, to enjoy their experience.

“If you want to work within the Health Sciences sector, come into this experience knowing that the course will stretch you and know that you will need to study. You'll only become what you desire if you study.” 


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