International Women’s Day 2020

Professor Lesley Haig, Principal of AECC University College

Professor Haig has been Principal of AECC University College since October 2018. She has worked in higher education for over 20 years. She was conferred Professor of Sport and Exercise Rehabilitation in January 2011 for her outstanding leadership in this field. Professor Haig has a wealth of experience in developing academic, consultancy and research partnerships with colleagues in Asia, the US, the Middle East and across Europe.

She spent the majority of her clinical career in musculoskeletal and sports medicine, working with elite athletes and teams nationally and internationally.

For International Women’s Day, she reflects on her career so far, what motivates her and shares her ambitions for AECC University College:

“I trained as a physiotherapist at St Thomas’ Hospital in London and I’ve since worked in a variety of different roles. I’ve worked in universities for many years and I have also run large multi-disciplinary health care practices. I’ve headed up both private practices and NHS departments.

“I’ve worked with international athletes and teams; with embassies; with representatives from the House of Commons. I feel very privileged to have had these experiences.

“A career in health care is extremely rewarding. For example, when I was working as an incontinence researcher in the NHS, I was doing work that I felt could help people to live better lives which for some was extremely challenging.

“When I was working pitch-side for the England rugby team at Twickenham, I felt constantly pushed to be at the top of my game as a health care professional. I’ve enjoyed a diverse career and that’s what working in health care allows. You can teach, research, treat.

AECC University College

“I am a health care practitioner at heart. I believe in supporting people in making a positive difference to their lives, whether that’s through education or treatment. Being Principal of AECC University College gives me another opportunity to make a difference and to enable other people to do the same.

“I want to develop the University College based on the incredible resources and the excellent staff and reputation that we have here. Here in Dorset, we have an older demographic that presents particular challenges. Our excellent health sciences-based professionals are stepping up to meet these challenges across our Integrated Care System in Dorset. Through working together collaboratively we can have a huge impact locally, regionally and nationally..

“AECC University College already plays an important role, in helping the people in Dorset and to live well and live longer through our high quality education, research and clinical facilities. But we can and should do more. We are committed to supporting our local integrated care system and our practice partners in the development and transformation of the healthcare workforce across our region.

“My aim is to continue to develop the reputation of AECC University College as both a high-quality education and training provider and as a health care provider that has a big impact locally, nationally and internationally and is highly-regarded by students, employees, service users and our local community.”.

At AECC University College, we are proud of the many women who make our health science community, who span many different areas from leadership to professional services, to academic and research. International Womens day 2019, we looked to champion our influential women that are dedicated, committed individuals who inspire our students, patients, colleagues and wider community. Find out more about our inspirational women at AECC University College