“I told mum I’d start tomorrow if I could!” – Jasmine Browett shares her AECC University College Story

Jasmine Browett is a Third Year student at AECC University College, studying on the Master of Chiropractic course. She shares her experience of life on campus, the course and studying to work in her dream profession:

“I chose to study at AECC University College because of the outstanding reputation that I heard it had from several chiropractors that I spoke to in this country.

“I felt particularly passionate about studying at a University with lots of international students; I loved the idea of making friends with so many people from all over the world. Then I went to an Open Day and I was sold.

“I remember walking back to the car so excited, enlightened: I told mum I’d start tomorrow if I could!”

Studying at AECC University College

“It’s impossible to pick one highlight from my time here. I think the things I will reflect on most fondly when I graduate are all of the friends I have gained, the personal growth I have seen within myself whilst here, and getting to study and become a professional in a field that I’m so passionate about.

“AECC University College is not just about the course, or Chiropractic. The whole lifestyle that you are immersed in, and the lifestyle that I have built for myself being here, has been one of the best things to happen to me.

“I’ll always be really grateful for the lessons that I have learned about myself, as well as the profession, whilst at AECC University College.”

Master of Chiropractic Course

“I think my favourite aspects of the course have been our Case Based Learning (CBL) and Adjustive Technique. CBL is all about continually developing our diagnosis skills through cases that we work through independently, in groups and in lectures. This is obviously a core skill in helping patients when we are later in clinic and practising in the profession.

“Adjustive Technique is our practical, hands-on labs practicing our examination and treatment skills. I enjoy learning and perfecting the practical side of our job so much I often have to pinch myself. It’s not just what I love: one day someone will pay me to do it for a living!

“I was also surprised by how much I enjoyed studying our medical imaging modules too.”

On-site Clinic

“Having a Chiropractic Clinic on-site has been invaluable throughout my studies. It gives you an opportunity to observe and learn from the current final year interns throughout your course and allows you to visualise and learn what treating patients is going to be like.

“I think having that mental picture and understanding of exactly what you are working towards keeps your motivation going throughout your degree. All of this has also made me less daunted about entering clinic – which I am about to do!”

Support from Tutors

“All of the tutors are very approachable, and they are all so passionate about what they do. I feel so encouraged and supported learning from a team that is so proud and excited to help educate the next generation of their profession.

“This is as evident in lectures and labs as it is receiving one to one support. The tutors are only too happy to help in any way they can – you just have to ask for the support.

“Even while campus was closed during lockdown, all of our tutors have been in touch regularly, providing lectures, tips, and general support. They are happy for us to email them with any queries.”

Future Plans  

“My Chiropractor who I first went to for treatment as a teenager (and who first inspired me to pursue chiropractic as a profession) now has a practice in the local area. I’m always welcome to observe him with patients there, so I make sure to do that and touch base with him as a mentor whenever I can, around my studies.

“I have no solid plans for when I graduate next year, but I know I’d like to work in the UK. What is most important to me is finding a clinic where I feel I fit in and am valued most. Somewhere where I can work within a team of professionals who are all passionate about supporting and learning from each other. Somewhere that really facilitates and support my development as a budding clinician. Wherever I find that – that’s where I am planning on going!”

Staying Active

“Alongside studying, I take ballet and modern jazz classes at a local dance studio. I have danced essentially my whole life, so I really wanted to continue my training when I moved here.

“Everyone is so friendly there and I was made to feel so welcome, even joining at the age 19, when most girls have been dancing there their whole lives. I even manage to balance my studies with rehearsals for our annual show weekend too, so I can still perform. My parents and a lot of my new friends have come to the shows too. I’m so glad I get to carry on and share this passion with this new group of people in my life.”

Proud to Study at AECC University College

“Being part of a smaller campus creates such a close-knit community, with common interests and goals. The community feel between students and tutors alike is what makes studying here so special.

“You have the added benefit that everyone knows everyone, across year groups, courses, and ages. The community I am part of is just so encouraging and heart-warming.”  

Words of Advice

“I couldn’t wait to start studying at AECC University College for about a year before I actually started. To this day, I know that that was the right choice for me. I love studying and living here. The staff, the facilities, your fellow students, the beach close by: there is so much to be excited about studying here.

“The most important thing is to find a place that is right for you. Exploring all my options for studying chiropractic was what made me so sure and excited about my next steps.”