Hong Kong Chiropractic Council Recognise AECC University College/BU Chiropractic Qualifications

AECC University College has a distinguished global reputation for its chiropractic excellence and education.

One successful scheme sees the University College work collaboratively with the Hong Kong Chiropractic College Foundation (HKCCF), through a dedicated scholarship, facilitating the training of chiropractors to meet the demand in Hong Kong.

With chiropractic training currently unavailable in Hong Kong, the HKCCF have funded a number of students to study at AECC University College. The scholarship enables Hong Kong students to study the flagship Master of Chiropractic course or MSc Chiropractic in the UK, and covers the tuition fees for the four/five years of study. The HKCCF recognise the quality of teaching and expertise at AECC University College, with Chairman Dr. Shu Yan Ng an alumnus of the institution.

Prior to gaining Taught Degree Awarding Powers (TDAP), AECC University College courses were validated and accredited by Bournemouth University.

In a recent publication, the Government Gazette, the Hong Kong Chiropractors Council recognise the Master of Chiropractic and MSc Chiropractic courses from both Bournemouth University (formerly) and AECC University College, which means chiropractic graduates in Hong Kong can gain their licence to practice without complication, and become registered chiropractors.

Photo: Priscilla Choi, MChiro student and one of five current HKCCF Scholarship recipient.

Head of School of Chiropractic, Philip Dewhurst commented, "We are extremely pleased that the Hong Kong Chiropractors Council recognise and accept the conferring institutions and qualifications for the purpose of chiropractic registration in Hong Kong. This announcement recognises a time of transition, as we move forward in validating and conferring our own degrees. We look forward to further collaboration with the HKCCF and to increasing the number of trained chiropractors in Hong Kong."

One of the first batch of HKCCF funded students, Ben Ho-Ting Wan reflected on his opportunity thanks to the scholarship. “Ever since I was small, I’ve always loved science and medical science. How can patients be treated without pills and medication? There’s physiotherapy and chiropractic. I felt that chiropractic was more comprehensive, so I took up the subject. If it hadn’t been for the scholarship, I wouldn’t have had the means to go abroad to fulfil my dream.”

View the Hong Kong Chiropractic College Foundation’s Young Chiropractors for the Future video.

With around 200 chiropractors to serve a growing Hong Kong population, there is a call for the increase of registered chiropractors, and AECC University College are proud to be supporting HKCCF and the chiropractic profession on an international level.

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