Good News for the Future of Research at AECC University College

AECC University College’s research degree program has been validated, following a positive validation event with Solent University. This is yet another significant step for AECC University College in our journey towards Research Degree Awarding Powers (RDAP) and the growth of our research environment.

Professor Dave Newell, Director of Research at the University College, said: “Previously our involvement with PhD supervision has been in collaboration with other universities where the PhD students are registered, so this change would result in AECC UC delivering autonomous research training in our own right for the first time. This is an early step in an important journey towards Research Degree Awarding Powers (RDAP) to realise our ultimate ambition to award our own PhD degrees.

“As an institution we have strategically committed in our ‘Fit for the Future’ institutional plan to growing a more active and impactful research culture. This will include investment in supporting research-focused staff, building collaborative research partnerships and aligning ourselves with local and national health related research needs which will be facilitated by our growing cohort of research students.

“Further progression along the road to RDAP will see the AECC University College needing to complete 30 PhD confirmations over the next few years along with hitting additional RDAP metrics and will form part of our present and future strategic plans.”

When asked why our development in research at AECC UC is so important, Professor Newell said: “Given the constant need to improve and make available the best healthcare for all, there remain multiple questions within the wider healthcare environment that can be answered by high quality and focused research. We are very proud to have been able to take another step towards being a recognised and trusted player in this arena, and look forward to welcoming our very first PhD student in October 2022.”

Professor Dave Newell

[Image: Professor Dave Newell, Director of Research at AECC University College.]

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