Giacomo Rastelli joins Chiropractic Team as Lecturer

We are pleased to welcome Giacomo Rastelli to AECC University College as a Chiropractic Lecturer on our Master of Chiropractic degree programme. Giacomo brings 12 years of clinical experience – both in Italy and the UK – to the role.  

Career in Chiropractic  

Giacomo began his Chiropractic career as part of a team of international Chiropractors based in Italy. He went on to work at the Cooperativa Medici Cremonesi in Cremona, North Italy, and at the Gruppo Pablo in Parma among GP and other medical professionals.  

Giacomo has assisted with teaching Continuing Professional Development seminars at the Royal University Centre Escorial-María Cristina of Madrid and at the Institute Franco Européen de Chiropratique in France.  

He also worked as an Examiner for the Italian Chiropractic Association (AIC), assessing the competence of new Chiropractors training to practise in Italy. His articles have been regularly published by the Italian Chiropractic Association magazine.   

Upon moving to the UK, Giacomo worked in Chiropractic clinics in London and Norfolk, before relocating to Bournemouth.  

Giacomo explains:  

“I’m very pleased to join the community at AECC University College. I have been aware of the University College throughout my career and it’s very exciting to now be part of it.  

“I have treated a lot of patients, from all kinds of backgrounds, which has meant my work has been very varied and interesting. I’m very interested in why we do things as Chiropractors and I enjoy explaining why the techniques and treatment that we practice work to improve function and alleviate tension. 

“I am looking forward to being more involved in the profession as a whole.”  

You can find out more about the Chiropractic degrees that we offer at AECC University College here 

Giacomo Rastelli

Above: Giacomo Rastelli