Edzard Ernst holds talk at AECC

We are pleased to announce the latest in our series of guest lectures at the AECC as we welcome Edzard Ernst to the college on 14th January 2015.
Professor Ernst will be with us to talk about his views on the chiropractic profession as well as taking time to answer questions from the audience. Ernst has previously worked as Chair in Complementary Medicine at the University of Exeter and has published extensively including ‘Trick or Treatment? Alternative Medicine on Trial’ and ‘The Oxford Handbook of Complementary Medicine’.
The lecture, which will take place at 2pm will be open to AECC students and is anticipated to facilitate a healthy debate, something we feel is important in terms of enriching the academic experience. The AECC provides an evidence based, science led curriculum and as such we welcome the opportunity to engage with academics and clinicians with a range of views and approaches to health care.