ECU 2018: From Bournemouth to Budapest

During last week’s Bank holiday weekend, AECC University College staff members were attending this year’s European Chiropractors Union Convention in full force. This year the convention was held in Hungary and in conjunction with the Hungarian Chiropractic Association at the Budapest Congress Centre.

A total of 12 University College colleagues participated within a packed three-day programme, consisting of a wide range of presentations, workshops, and TEDTalk-style sessions, all focusing on the ‘Chiropractic and The Seven Ages of Man’ theme.

The ECU Researchers’ Meeting was held on the day prior to the official start of the convention and seven academic staff members (Angelo Battiston, Michelle Holmes, Aurelie Marchand, Amy Miller, Peter Miller, Dave Newell, Jacqui and George Rix) actively participated and gave a number of presentations. This was followed by the official Welcome Reception held at the Congress Centre. On the following day the main convention programme kicked off in earnest and again a number of our staff (Maria Browning, Michelle Holmes, Amy Miller and Dave Newell) gave presentations or ran workshops. Furthermore, seven of the 30 abstract or poster presentations involved members of our University College faculty.

As the ECU Conventions provide an excellent opportunity to reconnect with and talk to chiropractors and our alumni about our postgraduate courses and CPD provision, our AECC University College exhibitor stand staffed by Lisa King and Mary Lou Thiel was a busy focal point. I am also particularly thankful for the presence of all of our Postgraduate Programme Leaders (Angelo Battiston, Aurelie Marchand and George Rix) and that of Peter Miller as the Postgraduate Framework Leader. They all fielded many enquiries and were net-working very actively with many individuals and organisations.

As it has been the case at previous ECU Conventions we again held our combined AECC University College/EAC Fellows Reception which was very well attended and during which I was able to provide an update on University College developments and achievements over the past year. It also gave me the opportunity to express my gratitude to all of AECC University College staff and students for their hard work and contributions towards achieving University College status and a successful new brand last year. I also informed attendants of our new School structure and future course provision as well as my impending retirement towards the end of this calendar year.

The ‘Local Evening’ event, held at a Lipizzaner Stud in the country, and the Gala Dinner and Dance taking place on a River Boat whilst cruising the Danube provided the much needed relaxation or physical activity for delegates after having spent many intense hours cooped up within a conference centre. Our own Rock Star Dave Newell and his guitar joined up on the stage with other well-known educators and leaders in the chiropractic world to literally rock the boat when the hired band had their break. Dave & Co were excellent and I for one certainly hope that they will make a come-back at another similar event.

To sum matters up, our presence and the individual efforts and contributions by our staff at these events are very important, not only in relation to the advancement of our institution, but also to the chiropractic profession, in terms of education, research and professional standards. I therefore do very much appreciate staff giving up a bank holiday weekend and spending very much most of it either inside buildings, meetings, airports and planes.

Thank you all for being there and doing such a great job in representing AECC University College. One final thank you must go to Anna Dore, Senior Administrator, who has again been responsible for making many of the booking arrangements, ensuring that we got there and back and had a bed to sleep in.

Haymo Thiel