Dr Katie Pohlman Visits AECC University College for Collaborative Research Project in Musculoskeletal Paediatric Health

Dr Katie Pohlman, Director of Research at Parker University in Dallas, Texas, and an inaugural fellow of the Chiropractic Academy of Research and Leadership (CARL) programme, recently joined AECC University College colleagues Aurélie Marchand, and fellow CARL members Dr Michelle Holmes and Dr Amy Miller, all from the School of Chiropractic, as part of a collaborative research project in the field of musculoskeletal paediatric health.

It was lovely to welcome Dr Pohlman onto our campus and accommodate ongoing conversations between the two institutions in connection with the research project. The project itself is being funded through the Royal College of Chiropractors (RCC) and is an international piece of research of which Dr Pohlman is leading on behalf of North America, and Aurélie Marchand, Dr Holmes and Dr Miller on behalf of the UK.

The study is looking at the trajectory of spinal pain in adolescents. Dr Pohlman explains: “We know that adolescents with spinal pain are more likely to be an adult with spinal pain, but we don’t know the trajectory and why this happens. Is there a way that we might be able to intervene to prevent this or this slow down?

“This is a feasibility study because to look into this well we need a very large sample, so we are assessing the feasibility of doing the study in Australia, US, Canada and the UK. We have just got the funding for the UK, which is great news.

“The whole musculoskeletal pain community needs this, so it’s very exciting. It's a huge project but it could really fill a very large gap in the pain role.”

 Being on campus at AECC UC has allowed the team to get this project ‘off the ground’ and undertake the ethics, as well as arranging the recruitment of candidates to partake in the research.

As part of her visit, Dr Pohlman also met with AECC University College’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Lesley Haig. She added: “There's a lot of synergy between Parker University and AECC University College. Professor Lesley Haig and my President are both clinicians, so they're focused on the patient, and not just the fact we are universities. We're universally led by individuals who understand the patient, in their capacity as master clinicians before they became academic.”

We look forward to seeing how this research progresses and the impact it could bring to the whole musculoskeletal pain community, across the world.