Debi Tanner - Staff Profile

We love that AECC University College is such a close-knit community, so we’d like to introduce you to some of the support staff who are here to help you during your time here.

Introducing… Debi Tanner, our Student Services Adviser from the Student Services Team:

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your role?

“My name is Debi Tanner and I work on the front desk of Student Services at AECC University College. I am likely to be the first person that you meet when you come to see the Student Services Team. I book appointments on behalf of students with team members in Wellbeing, Study Support and Counselling. I also give advice and guidance on the practical things that students may want to ask, such as registering with a doctor or if they've got any queries regarding accommodation, transport and facilities within Bournemouth.

“In addition, I can provide information on how to go about getting an educational assessment for a learning difference.”

How long have you been working here?

“I have been working here for 2 years and I’m now going into my third year. Previously I worked in secondary education for nearly 19 years in two local schools, where I worked in the Special Educational Needs Department.”

So you really enjoy looking after people?

“Yes, I do, and it's nice because I've previously worked with students up to 18 years old, and being here feels like the next step. I'm seeing a whole new area of education and that's been really interesting.”

Where can students find you on campus?

“The Student Services Team are based in Cavendish House on the top floor and we love it when students come up to say hello! You can also email with any of your questions and we will be more than happy to help.”

How do you support new and current students in your role?

“For new students we run drop-in sessions where we can meet in a relaxed environment to discuss their needs.

“With current students I am often signposting or actioning requests, or finding information for them. It's really nice when students come to our office and we get to meet you face-to-face.

“Our services are for all students, so a student may have a personal problem that they want to chat through or someone might not be sure on how best to approach an assignment, or they might struggle with managing their time, etc. so the team are happy to help everybody.”

Does the Student Services Team have an open-door policy or is it appointment only?

“During Student Services opening hours there is an open-door policy to see me on the front desk to make appointments or for any general advice or guidance. Our Wellbeing Advisers and Study Skills Tutors see students by appointment and we often have appointments available on the day. The Wellbeing Team offer a daily Open Wellbeing appointment. This is for students in high need, and it means we always have a wellbeing appointment available that can be booked on the day.”

Do you have any top tips for our new starters?

“Try new clubs and new activities. This is a good way to meet people and widen your circle, rather than just the people on your course.

“Don't spend all your maintenance loan at the start. Try to think about your regular expenditure and budget.”

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

“The Student Services Team are here to support all students throughout their time at AECC University College, so it doesn't matter what stage you are at, whether you are in your final year or you've just started, we're here for everybody. If you need help with anything, just pop in or drop an email to the Student Services mailbox.

“No problem is too small - if it's bothering you, just pop into Student Services and we're always happy to help.”


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