Danielle Oberman - Access and Participation Student Profile

This week, we are celebrating the launch of our 2020-2025 Access and Participation plan – which outlines our commitment to ensuring all young people we work with have equal access to Higher Education.

As part of this, we’d like to share the story of one of our Second Year Master of Chiropractic students, Danielle Oberman, who supports the Access and Participation activity at AECC University College.

Danielle tells us more about her passion for supporting Access and Participation at AECC University College, her own journey in education, and what it’s like to be a student with us.

Studying Chiropractic

“I’m actually from South Africa/Switzerland, making me an international student. Before living here in Bournemouth, I lived in Prague.

“Studying Chiropractic wasn’t something I always knew I wanted to do, but rather a field of work I became fascinated by after two gap years and a whole lot of wondering what to do next.

“I have always known a few things I wanted, however. I wanted to help others, to work with people and to work in healthcare. Through researching and learning more about Chiropractic, it eventually became evident that a hands-on career with lots of interaction and diversity was something I’d enjoy. Luckily, I was right.”

Moving to the UK

“Making the choice to come to the UK wasn’t an easy one but ultimately the reputation and amazing facilities here at AECC University College won me over.

“The hands-on approach, incredible teaching staff and on-campus clinic made it difficult for me to consider any other school. On top of that, living and studying only minutes from the beach really appealed to me. It’s the perfect balance between city and country life.”

Access and Participation

“I applied to become a Specialist Student Ambassador (SSA) because of the population that the work targets.

“I’ve always loved working side-by-side with people and becoming an SSA allowed me to motivate and help both current and potential students. It has been extremely rewarding to see curiosity sparked in those who may not have considered Chiropractic or even University in the past. To see new ideas forming in others is deeply inspiring!

“I’ve also loved being a part of a team in the University itself. I’ve learned so much about my school and community through my colleagues who work in other sectors as well. Additionally, seeing my fellow students and I come together to make a difference and achieve a common goal has been extremely empowering.

“In the future, I’d love to work more closely or one-on-one with those considering University and those who are curious about this deeply rewarding field. I hope to be able to shed some light on the ins and outs of University life and help to inspire others to join our student body here at AECC University College!”

You can read more about Danielle’s work in Access and Participation here.  

You can find out more about Access and Participation at AECC University College here

Danielle Oberman

Above: Danielle Oberman